Curious Ruby : Ink on Paper!!!!!

Hello my friends!!!

I am really glad and lucky to be the owner of an amazing painting!!! Yes yes... I will give you more details about it. I am a fun of paintings and mostly the simple line paintings with gorgeous themes and amazing colors. And by that I do not mean a paint full of color, but as much color as it needs for my taste!

I have to admit that this post was ready a long time ago, but due to bad nature light I couldn't photo shoot as good as I wish my new piece of art, so better late than never! 

Curious Ruby... you are going to love her creations! Beautiful, unique, gorgeous paintings from a very talented lady! Pictures mainly with pencil and drops of wonderful colors! 

Simple lines 

or not,  Ruby's creations are like watching from a kaleidoscope!

I love her work and my fine art paint from Curious Ruby collection is just a piece of art that anyone should have! 

Spend a few minutes to admire her work! You will be surprised!!!  

You may visit Curious Ruby in:

website: Curious Ruby
facebook page: CuriousRuby
Instagram: Curious Ruby

Happy New week!!!!
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Zina Z


  1. Wow truly unique work! Love her drawings!!! Lucky you!

  2. Πανέμορφα!!! Υπέροχα σχέδια και καταπληκτικά σχέδια! Όντως πολύ τυχερή είσαι!! Την καλησπέρα μου Ζήνα :)

  3. Truly amazing!
    So delicate!

  4. Και πάλι εγώ με βραβείο αυτή την φορά!

    1. Σε ευχαριστω Δημητρούλα. Τιμη μου :)

  5. Lovely paintings! Love the clearness of the lines!


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