Mini "Thank You" Cards

Hello my friends!!!

Happy New Month!!! 

And I wanted to start blogging the new month with a new tutorial, a diy easy to be done by everyone! Create your own mini "thank you" cards, perfect for a gift or for your business or even you can use it as mini wishing cards!

What will we need:
- Paper 
- Washi Tape
- Paper Puncher

These are the main materials. Now for making them more personalized you will also need a signature and for that you can use a stamp. I got mine from my friend Sarah.

And if you want to make them more...cute, you may add ribbons or small hearts and caramels and stars or whatever you want.

Let's start.... Use your washi tape in the end of the paper and cut your cards with the puncher.

Make them personalized by using your shop's signature with a stamp.  

Your mini cards are ready. Now, your use your imagination and make them unique...

I have used for mine, ribbons and cords and small schemas with paper like hearts and caramels.

Write your wish or your Thank you on the other side of the card and your friends or your customers will really enjoy the.

Happy Crafting!
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Zina Z