Hello my friends!  

Being in the EGST team  gives me a great opportunity to meet new crafters, very talented that I share the same passion for handmade. One of these wonderful people is young lady Korina, the girl that loves butterflies!!!

She is only 24years old, but full of passion and very talented. Here are a few things that Korina would love to share with you. Hope you will enjoy it!

Hello people!! My name is Korina. 
As long as I remember my childhood I can always recall myself making handcrafts with a wide variety of materials during my free time. I always enjoyed creating crafted accessories since I believe that is my way of expressing and relaxing myself. 

My creations are always made by the use of pure materials that nature has gifted us. The quality of natural materials is dominant compared to anything artificially made.

It is a great feeling for me seeing friends using, admiring and wearing my creations. Likewise, it’s a great pleasure knowing that someone enjoys wearing one of them, in some place of the world.

My love for designing and implementing handmade art has led me to enroll at Etsy website and create an online shop. From there I have become a member of EGST (Etsy Greek Street Team) where I make and meet friends. We share a lot of things in common but the most important of them is our pure love for handcrafted creations. There I have met great artists and I admire them for their talent and passion for creating handcrafts.

10 things about me!

1. My origin is from Corfu, an island in the western region of Greece that preserves the Venetian architecture and culture alive until nowadays
2. I am currently studying Biology, at the University of Patras from where I am graduating soon. 
4. I ADORE chocolate
5. I have a lovely dog!! 
6. I have only a few “best friends” who mean they word to me and I sincerely trust them in everything.

7. My dream is to travel all over the world.
8. I love helping people. Seeing a person’s face light up or hearing a “Thank you so much !” totally makes my day.
9. Every day I try to change the word to a better one and I’ll never stop!!

10. I never give up – there is always something good around the next corner “
I admire all of her creations and her passion making them. Cute, beautiful, unique. Not only her creations are cute but also she is, that’s why she is giving away a beautiful pair of earrings, the first butterfly she created!

 All you have to do to enter this giveaway is like her fan page on Facebook. Use the rafflecopter below and you also have a few extra entries too!

Winner will be announced on 31st of January!!!!

Good Luck!!!



  1. γεια σου κοριτσάκι μου!!καλώς σε βρίσκω κι απο εδώ!!είμαι η Maya απο το etsy shop mayasfairytale.στο facebook είμαι η Maya Mpempita αν θέλεις να μου στείλεις άιτημα φιλίας.σε ευχαριστούμε πάρα πολύ για τον σούπερ διαγωνισμό!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!είσαι απίθανη δημιουργός!!!πάρα πολλά φιλάκια!!!!!!!

  2. και μόλις κατάλαβα πως δεν είσαι μια αλλά είστε 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! αα το έκανα share και στο twitter

    • xaxaxa Μαya, να εισαι καλα καλη μου! τρεις ειμαστε, αλλα ο διαγωνσιμός είναι για το Κορινακι. Απίθανη και αυτη!!!!


  3. very beautiful post! great creations!

    My favorite is the earrings called "BUTTERFLY"


  4. My favorite item from shop is the MINI MARGARITA – post earrings , red and light yellow handmade leather earings with sterling silver.

  5. I love Korina's work. She is projecting her very bright personality through her creations. I adore the bright up lifting kaleidoscope of colors she uses.
    My favorite pieces are her rings! Maybe because I am a ring person.
    Korina congrats and keep up the good work.

  6. Entered, but may I suggest making the ling to the FB page a little more obvious ? I had to search her shop until I found it on the About page. A simple link in the blog post would make this soooo much easier !
    I adore her earrings, BTW.

  7. My favorite is
    MINI BUTTERFLYs earrings, made from handcraft soft black leather with silver crystal beads and sterling silver.
    Keep up the good work Korina!

  8. Υπεροχα ,υπεροχα ,υπεροχα και ξεχωριστα ολα!!!!!!!!

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