Hello Amazing people!
Have I told you that I am a proud member of Greek etsy team? And you know what is the best? That in the specific team I have the opportunity to meet new amazing people and great artists not only via web but in real life too! Another thing I also love in Etsy community, that you can meet other’s inspirations and you can admire too many different creations with the same materials!
So today I am honored to represent you a great friend and a talented crafter! How I met Eleanna? From her well-written seminal tutorials and her SockMonsters! And it is weird how these sock dolls can be pretty and cute even for monsters! I visited her shop and I was surprised that she also creates amazing full of colors jewels in different styles! Unique minimal geometry necklaces, hippie earrings from polymer perfect for your Spring and Summer appearance, floral beaded necklaces in bohemian style, beautiful romantic cuff bracelets….! To be honest when you visit her shop it is really difficult to leave it without spending at least half an hour admiring her work… you will be happily “lost” in her shop!!!

But let meet her in a few lines….

Hello there! I’ m Eleanna from Athens, Greece 🙂

I grew up in Athens but I come from Serifos and Pelion, two lovely places in Greece. I have lived in France, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK but I ‘ve never traveled outside Europe. I have studied architecture [AUTH, Greece] and Urbanism [Msc, TUDelft, Netherlands].  

I make many questions, I laugh out loud [really loud] and I love dancing,swimming and biking but mostly eating chocolate 😛. I have been making jewelry more than 10 years, but even before that, I ‘ve always been up to something creative: drawing, sewing, crafting in general. I don’t know if it is a matter of genes, but certainly a creative environment helps: my dad was a painter, my mum draws and sews greatly and my grandma was a crochet master.

What I love about crafting jewelry and creating sock-creatures is that I can make everything on my own. The creative process in this scale is much faster and I can control all the phases: idea-concept, design and construction. And this is what I think I miss when designing for smaller scales, where the results are more long-term.

While creating, I feel more me. I love the whole process: the moment an idea strucks me and I get completely enthusiastic about it; the procedure of trying to figure out how to realize it; designing the final piece or details; choosing best tools, methods and materials; combining materials and making the synthesis; and my favorite part: having the end product!

I love discovering new materials and trying new techniques. This is why you will notice a big variety in my creations. One material I prefer is wood-clay, that after drying I paint with acrylic color. Another favorite is polymer clay, especially the millefiori technique. I also love fabrics and use them for some projects. Plastic tube is a material I use for the “networks”. And of course I am obsessed with socks that I use to create my sock monsters! 🙂

I am a fan of sharing knowledge and ideas and motivating everyone to get creative. Lately, I write crafting tutorials for  crafttuts+ [http://craft.tutsplus.com/author/eleanna-kotsikou/] , which I really enjoy. I love being a member of the Etsy Greek Street Team, where I met lovely people and made good friends. It is a vibrant fast-growing community that spreads the crafting spirit and I think it is awesome sharing creative enthusiasm with others.
Thank you so much Zina for your sweet hospitality!


Eleanna was really kind to offer a beautiful minimal geometric necklace from her collection as a gift to one lucky lady!!!!!

So in order to have the chance to win this beautiful necklace, just use the Rafflecopter below and earn more entries. Good Luck!

Thank you Eleanna!!!!! mats mouts!


Passion crafter , dreamer, lover of travelling and of good food, fan of colors and of photography! Lucky mother of two, who help me extend my imagination! EfZin…live well, dream and laugh!


  1. I love El's work! I don't know if I have a favorite since I trully like her birdies but I am also in love with Babys Longlegs (her OOAK monster I bought last year) who stares down on me as I write these lines. All the best to you dear! You are so talended!!!

  2. I love the Tribal multi pendant polymer clay necklace-Boho- rustic- earthy colours. It is my favorite. Lovely shop!
    yanuzo at hotmail dot com

  3. martina steinsberg Reply

    this is really hard to choose one favorite. . .I love this one especially: Personalised Geometric pendant- Geometric necklace- Triangles- abstract minimal industrial- Choose your colour- under 25. . . 🙂

  4. Great Artist! I love Eleanna's creations. but I am fan of rings,so my favorite is

    Rectangular minimalist brown dusk blue ring

    Maria Nikol

  5. My favorite is the Long Whimsical Boho Assymetrical Pendant necklace. Cute!

  6. Loved the Geometric statement necklace- minimal assymetric industrial- network-plastic tube-lines gradual- under 50!!!

    email: fanouria20(at)hotmail.com

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