is just amazing the past few days and I have a great appetite for strawberries!
One of my favorite fruits! I love them with sugar, with chocolate, as a milk
shake, as an ice cream or with nothing! I can eat tones of them…. Actually I have
tried and created, successfully I must say, a strawberry liqueur hat I will
post it in a few days. Just be patient… an easy, fast and amazing recipe for a delicious
red drink.
why my finds for this week are full of red…strawberry red… enjoy them 🙂

                          Strawberries – a fine art photograph

                       Strawberry dipped in Chocolate Earrings

A great tutorial 

Strawberry with Chocolate Recipe 

Ruby sterling silver ring 

Wool Felted Necklace Strawberry

         Malibu Deck Chair

Strawberry Vanilla Bean Jam Recipe

Are you jealous yet? well… I am…cheers… I am going for Strawberry Ice Cream!
Bye bye!


  1. LOVE this!! Can't get enough of strawberries… <3
    And thank you so much for featuring my mini choco Strawberries, girl :-*

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