Is it
Friday already? Oh Yes it is! So are you ready for a great night? And for a gorgeous weekend?
of my favorite colors is lilac! Really trendy, great for a romantic appearance but
also perfect for a more flashy one! This color became very popular in fashion
the last years and not only for your everyday appearance but also for the
Lilac mediates that the
wearer is in a good mood and the colour attracts interest, in all accounts. You can do nothing wrong when
wearing lilac clothes, the only thing that you should mind is that lilac is a
very flashy colour, therefore it is important to combine low-keyed colors like
black, grey or white or pastel tones.
I like it in every shade and in any
combination. With smoky beige and beautiful lilac-purple  accessories…

1. Cotton Tank 2. Earrings 3.Bracelet 4.Bag

Or  for a more casual appearance with white shorts
and ombre purple accessories (perfect even for the beach)….

1.Bracelet 2.Earrings 3.Bag
Or even with floral details and in combination
with beautiful pastel colors like green mint. 
1.Earrings 2.Bracelet 3.Ring 4.Bag
No matter, on which lilac part of
your outfit you decide, but keep in mind, that fashion experts said: “Lilac is
the new red! A must-have” !!!

My best wishes for a memorable weekend! If you need more outfit’s suggestions just visit Estella’s blog!

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  1. I love everything in this post! I'm a romantic girl after all..! hehe!
    Thank you for including my mint heart earrings!

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