my friends!
I am
in dance mood this week..or should I say especially the last couple of days? Yesterday
was the Summer Show in my daughter’s kindergarten and it was something amazing
and something I will always remember. My princess not only danced with her
friends dressed as small and cute crabs, but she had an amazing performance as a ballerina!
thought she was the youngest in the team, she managed to dance really good and
most important she liked it and she was laughing all the time! All mothers
think that their kids are the prettιest… right? Imagine now to see your precious
princess to be dressed like a ballerina. Yes she was pretty, she was cute.. but
most of all I realized that she is a kid now, not a baby. A young lady almost 3
y old. Years pass so fast…we have to enjoy every single moment! Always remember this!
So… ballet anyone?

My precious ballerina

nursery decor 

Ballet Shoes Photograph

Vintage Ballet Slippers and dress

Ballet dancer ornaments

Ballerina Pin Sterling Silver Brooch 

Have a wonderful day full of music, dance, laughs, joy and happiness!
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  1. Aw.. So cute!
    I love ballet too! I have been a dancer for many years.
    Your little ballerina will be a star! 🙂

  2. Ευη Σπαθαράκη Reply

    Cute and lovely!! Congradulations to our little princess!!!

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