Hello my friends!!!
It seems that I am alone here… well for the next few days. Actually this will be my last post for August, since I will have a small break from everything…work, blog, etsy shop…anything and spend the next days just with my family!
So for this week… I found cute mini planters, unique, beautiful and why not try to buy them or create them. I love flowers, I love succulents and I love everything about gardening! Since the past week I spend many hours with my few plants on my balcony, why not add them also in my blog and have a “fresh” air feeling?
My finds are from etsy and pinterest and I am sure that if you spend a few minutes searching on both sites, you will find beautiful handmade planters to get. Happy shopping!

So..let’s start…

Mini Planters set of 4

Herb Mini Garden Wine Corks

Mason Jar Wall Planter 

Flowering Egg Shells

Hanging flower pot
Twig flower pot

Tutorial : The Trapeze Planter

Tutorial : Flower Pot from Tin Cans
Aren’t they really gorgeous? If we just use our imagination we can create masterpieces with a few materials and of course lots of love!!!
Happy crafting!!! Happy shopping!!! Happy holiday!
cya on September… until then have fun and Smile!!!!
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