It was a really beautiful surprise to
receive a blog award from a new blogger friend, Maria. She owns a cute blog called Swanocean with many great and simple ideas about recycled creations and unique ideas for
presents for our little kids. So, the general idea of “Love your Blog” award is
that bloggers nominate their favourite blogs for this award and create
a small presentation for themselves by answering 8 questions.

This is a great opportunity because there are many small blogs in my list that I
love to follow. It is a great opportunity to “advertise” their work and at the
same time I have the chance to meet more bloggers! 
So let’s get

–   1.   Favorite Magazine:  hmm… this is tough since I do not read
magazines the past 10years… I mean not a specific one. I do read newspaper of
–    2.  Favorite singer/music: My favorite singer is a great
friend of mine Stathis Drogosis. I know him personally and I love his music.
But I have so many others also that I can consider as favorite artists, most of
them Greeks, like Portokaloglou and Arvanitaki. Regarding my favorite music… I
love every single type of music depending the time of day I hear it J
–    3.  Favorite Youtube guru: sorry…don’t have one :/
–    4.  Favorite make-up: My make-up is usually simple in
natural beige tones or pastel pink.
–   5. Favorite place to stay/vacations: CRETE!!! Yeap I
think you know that already! Hahaha…ok another place that I love to visit
especially on winter is Elati and Pertouli two amazing villages in the forest
on the mountain with delicious local food and amazing nature.
–    6. Favorite movie: Amelie! I have seen it at least
20times! I love the scenario of that movie, I love the colors, I love the music…I
love Paris J
–     7. How many shoes do you own? Hmm… ok…what kind of
question is that? How many I have in total or just for the Summer? Let me see….
I have for Summer 6pairs of shoe.
–     8. Favorite color: this time of period I love blues and
actually in aqua or mint shade. But my most of my clothes are in brown and
purple color.
Ok..enough about me.
Now it is the time to dominate the “Love Your Blog” award to my favorite blogs.
I have already dominated in the past a few, so this time I will try to pick
differne blogs. So here they are:
–      Creative Tsouf 
–     Akamatra
–     Abe Ba Blog  
–     Divine Decadance 
–     One Perfect Day 
–      Hunkii Dorii
–      A few Pretty Things 
       The Purple Balloon
Have a wonderful day
and please spend a few minutes to visit the above amazing blogs…you will be

      Mats mouts

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