An amazing, delicious dessert that can be cooked in a
few minutes!

   3 bars
of dark chocolate

from 1 orange

soup spoon milk

250gr Almonds

What to do:
First of all parch the almonds.
Use  a benmarie to
melt the chocolate. Add the milk and the shavings from the orange and keep mixing the compound.
When the mixture is ready, add the almonds and the
currants and mix it for a couple of minutes again.
Your dessert is ready… just use a spoon and put a spionfull on the large baking pan that is covered with cooking paper.
Leave them for a few hours to chill and you are ready
to taste them!!!!


To be honest the classical recipe for the above
dessert is just chocolate, almonds and butter. But I wanted to cook it
especially for my daughter so instead of butter I added milk and of course
raisins and orange. Just use your imagination and create small but sweet bites by adding more nuts and dried fruits or instead of orange just use a few drops of your
favorite liqueur.
Buon Appetite….

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  1. ευκολη συνταγη κ σιγουρα πεντανοστιμη… αντι πορτοκαλι να βαλω λικερ αμαρετο που μου αρεσει?

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