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Hello my friends!!!


I am really glad to have a great friend and a talented artist in my blog, as a guest blogger. You have already met her a few months ago, but still it is a great feeling to have great persons around. Eleanna shares with us a wonderful tutorial for a cute birthday card and I am really curious to read it. Aren’t you?
Hello lovely
My name is
Eleanna aka zdrop for the crafting world! I am an architect and
urbanist from Greece.  I love design all
scales and I enjoy creating things with my hands. It makes me happier! 🙂
I also write
craft tutorials for Crafttuts+. I speak a lot, I laugh [too] loud, I love swimming,
dancing and eating ice-cream!
Yesterday a dear friend of mine had her birthday,
so I decided to make her a b-day card! Would you like to see what I made? Well,
It is a simple and fun project that can be adapted to different occasions!


You will need:
-some craft paper with different patterns in the color
palette of your choice.
-Waxed thread.
-Awl or any other sharp tool.


First take one of the
cards and fold it in half. This will be the base of your card. Now, choose a
paper with a different pattern and cut it in half. Fold both strips in a zig
zag way. You can also cut a small piece off to create a hole-design. Use the
two strips of paper to from a circular flower, gluing them in the center. Now,
glue them in front of your card.


Cool! The cover
is sorted. You could leave the card like that and write your message inside.
I  went for a more fun way. I created a
garland to write my message. So if you wish to do the same, first count the
letters of your message and cut some triangles from the different papers. Fold
the paper first and cut the triangle using both sides of the paper. The upper
edge of the triangle should be the folded edge and is the side you will use to
hang the triangles from the thread. Write each letter of your message on one
triangle. Now glue them on two strings of thread. Measure the needed length for
the thread based on the card; it needs to open wide but at the same time the
threads should not be hanging while the card is folded. Now you need to create
four holes to your card to tie the strings. Place the card on the eraser and
pinch it with the awl while folded. Pass the thread through the holes and
secure the end by burning it really carefully! There is always the alternative
of a small knot.


Ta-dah! Your
b-day card is ready! All you need to do is give it to a friend! I had to sent
mine, so I hope it will arrive safe….fingers-crossed. I hope you enjoyed the
project as much as I did and that you got motivated to try it out! Come on, it
will only take you 10 minutes. 🙂



Thank you for
hosting my post Zina! 
Thank you Eleanna!!! It is really a beautiful idea for a unique handmade birthday card! Thank you for sharing it!!!
And if you want to discover more about Eleanna, please meet her in
etsy shopzdrop
facebook : zdrop
pinterest : zdrop
flickr:       zdrop
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Have a wonderful day!!!!
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  1. So beautiful and creative!!!
    Stopping over from the "Fun Friday" blog hop. Now following you on Bloglovin, Facebook, and Twitter. 
    Have a great week 🙂
    Bismah @
    Simple Mama

    • Hello Bismah! Welcome to my blog 🙂

      It is really nice to have you here. Ihave followed you already via twitter, bloglovin, G+ and pinterest.

      Have a great day

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