One thing that I love is
creating cute jewels with common materials. Materials that everyone has in
their house. So using only buttons, small wooden beads and cord we can craft
colorful bracelets perfect for ourselves or for our princesses.
You will only need 5min to craft them and with the lowest cost! 

–      – Synthetic buttons with 2 or four wholes
–      – Cord
–      – A small piece of a band

– Wooden beads




Cut a
piece of the cord you have chosen with the at least the double length of your
wrist. Wrap it up in the middle and pass it from the two holes of the button.
Create a knot and your clasping is almost ready.


use your imagination and combine the wooden beads with the buttons. In the
specific bracelet ( I crafted for my daughter) I used a grass green button in
the middle and a couple of wooden beads in each side. Just do not forget to
make a knot in each side of the specific materials.





the two  ends of the cord and your
bracelet is ready!!!





order to add more color or a beautiful detail, create a bow from your favorite




Your Bracelet is ready!!!





Use a bigger piece of cord and create an anklet instead of a bracelet or you may use an elastic cord for baby girl’s bracelet! Use your imagination and create masterpieces in a few minutes only!!!!
Happy Crafting!!!
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