I love them… not really…adore them…I want to eat as many as I can… and I love their decorations! Just with a little imagination and miracles happen!!!
Yeap this week for me is full of cupcakes, since I prepare my princess birthday party. I have so many cupcakes recipes to try and decoration too and so many ideas that I am really confused!
1. White Chocolate Cupcake 2.Cupcake Cellphone Charm 3.Cupcake Toppers
4. Cake Fondant Topper 5.Felted Cupcakes 6. Vanilla Cupcakes

 For me cupcakes means… back to my childhood! A tasty, full of inspiration sweet and its decoration of course, loved by kids and not only! Have a cupcake (or even more) for breakfast , with a cup of hot coffee or tea and you will have a great day!

mats mouts
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