wow!!! I loved that excursion on the mountain a few days ago with good friends! And we also had a great time with my best friend to shoot these pictures and many more! ok..I have to admit that in the beginning we didn’t know what to do…but then we started laughing and things went better and we really enjoyed it! 

Yeap I know… so far I didn’t like Gold in Jewelry or in my clothes. But lately I have changed my mind and I love to wear gold shades combined with pastel tones on my clothes. Antique Gold, Rose Gold, Copper like Gold… whatever…minimal accessories that will fit perfectly with any casual or more elegant outfit. 

Outfit Details……..
– Masquerade Post Earrings from Ef Zin Creations
– Purple copper minimalistic necklace from ThePurpleBalloon
– Cocktail Flower Ring  from Ef Zin Creations
– Blue Jeans Skirt from BSB
– Pastel Pink Shirt from HM
– Black 
stockings from Calzedonia
– Shoes from Migato

        mats mouts
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  1. Ok,I have to admit that I am jealous!
    Amazing place,great selection of jewelry pieces and a sweety one model!

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