Hello my friends!!!
Well, today we have a really rainy day… finally Autumn is here! That’s why I think that this post is just perfect for today! Autumn colors, nature pictures with my macro! Oh! I love my macro in my camera…it gives me the feeling that it can capture details that my eyes cannot see. 
Of course I didn’t manage to have pictures with a huge zoom…but I have photos from details that I want to remember. Where I shoot them? in the forester village I have told you about a few days ago…this is actually the second post for that trip we had! Hope you will enjoy it!

All over the place there were too many chestnuts!!! I adore them!

So many beautiful colors….

Drops of  water in a spider’s cobweb… isn’t amazing?

It is really beautiful where you can find small plants and moss…

Smurfs are everywhere….

Like a wonderful Christmas Tree…

Wonderful colors…Autumn is here 🙂

Imagine how many other things we cannot see… just imagine!

         mats mouts
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