A couple of weeks ago we had an amazing trip with good friends in a forester village and we had the chance with my best friend to shoot a few styling photos…at least we tried! It was fun and we laughed a lot. Especially when I was the model…and guess what… there none trick for having a smaller baby bump in the photos!
So what? I enjoy this pregnancy because I found what to wear and not be that fat… ok I am really fat…but again..so what? Most of the women had many kilos this period and I am one of them. No problem…smile and enjoy it!!! There are many cloths and wonderful accessories to wear and be beautiful as always 🙂

Outfit Details……..
– Teal Ombre Earring Studs from Ef Zin Creations
– Maternity Belt from FairytaleFlower
– Dress from Premaman
– Zivago from Intimmisimi
– S
tockings from Calzedonia
– Shoes from Exe

Have a wonderful day!!!

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  1. Zinaaaa! Love to see your face at last! :)))) And your belly – it IS big! 😛 Really 🙂 A big stylish belly 😉

    Sending lots of hugs xxx

    • Thank you Adoula mou!!!!! let's go out for a chocolate cake or even better cook one for me…the real one not your jewels… 🙂

  2. How sweet!!!!!!!
    You look great my friend!
    And do not bother about your extra kilos!I am sure that a few months after you will loose all of them and many more!

  3. It is the best period in a woman's life so enjoy it and don't worry about your weight! I think you are gorgeous! I loved the belt it is so cute!

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