I have to admit that for my second pregnancy I didn’t buy too many cloths! I used many leggings and pants and really great blouses and dresses. And many of them I can use them even now that my baby boy was born. Ok… many of them have to be modified, but the dresses are cool even now, with a belt or any beautiful accessorize with it.
So even my friend Evi that is too many kilos lighter than me, can wear it without a problem! Of course it need a few additions/modifications but I will have them shortly!
My point? pregnancy period is not that tough as I used to remember from my first one… with a small imagination we can find beautiful cloths that can be used anytime! Just do not forget to have also gorgeous and uncommon accessorizes!

Outfit Details……..

– Blue Earring Studs //  Ef Zin Creations
– Scarf/Neck warmer // Craftysou
– Evil Eye Charm Bracelet // Ef Zin Creations
– Leather Boots // Tsakiris Malas
– Maternity Dress // Mothercare
– Grey Sweater// Zara
– Black 
leggings // Calzedonia
Have a wonderful Friday!!!!

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