So I just received a call from a friend of mine to inform me that she is getting married in two months! And I haven’t lost the extra kilos from the pregnancy yet…so no available cloths for me. No anxious…no anxious…calm down and think… yeap I find it… I will definitely find what I want.
Now click on cocktail dresses ( and…success! Amazing dresses in gorgeous colors and in many different styles and patterns. I am impressed! What to choose?
Maybe a dress in the old time classic black?


or black with colored details and gorgeous belts?

or maybe something in bright colors perfect for Spring and Summer season?


hmm…something white and minimal maybe?


ok..I find it… brown and minimal with beautiful details that they add a tone of bohemian.. adorable!



To be honest it was not easy to choose! All of them are so beautiful, don’t you think? Gorgeous colors, wonderful styles, romantic laces, minimal or preppy, unique details and all of them in really low prices. And it was really easy to understand how the dress looks from every side, both from front and behind, since there were so many available modeled photos.
Just visit, choose your style and you know? You will be the star of the party!
Happy Shopping!!!
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