After a great first day in Keratokampos and the second amazing day in the secret beach, it was about time for us to leave this beautiful place. Unfortunately the weather was really hot and this short trip was really excausted for my baby boy.



So a small walk in the village and we were ready to go!

Crete is a big island and even though I have spend all of my Summer vacation here, I still do not know many of Crete’s places, like this one. A beautiful tiny village with a wonderful long beach and many others, with great tavernas with fresh fish and amazing cafeteries to enjoy your cold beer by the sea.


But most of all I loved  the open blue sea and the clear sky with the countless stars (I miss stars when I am in Athens…too many lights to enjoy them)
This is a place to be with good friends and to be happy with your family, without being worried about anything. Really, don’t you miss that?


A few minutes before leaving this place and the view was amazing…like the beach being full of stars!




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