Being in Crete for the whole Summer and especialy in Agios Nikolaos, means that you are on vacation for three months at least. But again this Summer we decided to visit other places too, even thought my baby boy is still too young for a trip. Anyway, we have decided with good friends of us to visit Keratokampos!!!

Keratokampos (Kastri) is a small fishing village in South Crete, almost 71km away from Heraklion, with a beautiful long beach…a few km long!!!



The place is what you call Paradise…really pieceful with a few only people and tourist, with amazing undiscovered beaches. This village was just the perfect place for family vacation and for spending your time in the sea and to enjoy fresh fish in the local tavernas.
We have spent there three days, unfortunately we couldn’t stay longer, but it was enough to charge our batteries, to have fun and to relax!



What I loved most? The blue of the sea… the open sea,



the colored pubbles,


he laughs of the kids,



feeling like a kid again,



the gold shades on the beach during sunshine,


the calm sea!


But most of all, I enjoyed our first vacation as a family, all the four of us, with good friends. After all what holidays means? Having relaxing time with people that you love! This is the secret of the life!!!!
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