Merry Christmas my friends!!!! My best wishes, full of health and love! Every Year this season I am trying to create a lucky charm for my home and of course as a gift to my beloved friends. Last Year I have created a charm full of cinnamon aroma and handmade clay ornaments and I loved it. But this year I wanted something more…childish! Mini Fairytale Houses from air clay!!!!
If I can do them….then everyone can!I am not a great “artist” of clay, but this project was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot!



Firstly use a piece of air clay and make it thin with your rolling pin.


Then draw a small simple house


 and cut it with a knife.


With a pencil draw the door and the windows.


Use a few drops of water in your hands and make the edges more smooth.



 Let them dry for a couple of days. If you wish to have your houses more smoothly, just use again a few water drops on your hands and shape them while they are drying.



After a couple of days that the houses are really dried, you can paint them as you wish! I used pastel and bright colors!


Ribbons and wooden beads and cords and evil eye protection charms and they are ready!
Aren’t they like hobbit houses???? I love them…fairy houses and really cute!


And if you wish to check my last year’s Home Lucky Charms just click here!



Happy Crafting!!!!

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