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Hello! I am Amber Cheung from the Learning Center of Pandahall and I am here to share with you how to make an infinity macrame bracelet, perfect for this Summer. A beautiful and easy to make friendship bracelet!

If you are familiar with square knot technique, making this friendship bracelet is just a piece of cake. In this tutorial, you need use alternate square knots to create this yellow and lime infinity pattern.
Necessities for infinity friendship bracelet:
1mm yellow nylon thread


1mm lime nylon thread
6mm yellow acrylic beads




Step 1: Braid infinity pattern

1st, cut a pair of 80cm yellow threads, and leave 10cm tail of the yellow threads;


2nd, cut a pair of 1.5m lime threads and a piece of 1.5m yellow thread, fold them and make overhand knot;
3rd, sort the 8 strands into 2 groups, left’s yellow and right lime;
4th, do two pairs of square knots with leftmost yellow thread and rightmost lime thread;
5th, set aside the lime strands, and do 6 pairs of square knots with yellow strands;
6th, then set aside yellow strands and similarly do 6 pairs of square knots with lime strands;
7th, repeat from 4th to 6th, and continue this infinity pattern.


Step 2: Make adjustable closure

1st, don’t braid the final two pairs of square knots with leftmost and rightmost threads till the length is appropriate for bracelet;


2nd, make another overhand knot with all the strands;
3rd, leave a pair of yellow tails and cut off other threads;
4th, overlap the yellow tails, pick another piece of lime thread and do several square knots;
5th, cut off excess lime threads;
6th, slide yellow acrylic beads onto tails, make overhand knots and cut off excess ends.


Tada! This infinity friendship bracelet pattern is done.

What do you think? Easy and fun? Have a great crafting time!


I have to admit that even thought I love friendship bracelets I do not know how to craft them! But with this tutorial Amber just showed that it is a really easy procedure…now I only have to find threads in two of my favorite colors and try it! Thank you Amber!
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Happy Crafting!!!!
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