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Ok.. I told you I am in vacation mood. Of course I blame Tripadvisor, because it does not let me to stop dreaming. I receive the notification emails from Trip advisor and today I did the mistake to check the best beaches in the world. Unfortunately, there was none Greek beach in the top 25 (according to customers opinions of course), that’s why I have checked further the best beaches per region… and here we are! I have to prepare you…this post is full of blue, full of gold and full of Summer!!!!!

Eggremmi Beach (Lefkada)


Mpalos (Crete)


Agios Pavlos (Rhodes)


Navagio (Zakinthos)


Sarakiniko (Milos)


Myrtos (Kephalonia)


Paleokastritsa  (Corfu) 


Anthony Quinn Bay (Rhodes)


Agios Prokopis (Naxos)


Even though I know all of them, I have not visited many off them. Hopefully I will do it in the future! And I am sure that if we start discussing it…we will find many more beautiful beaches in our country! Greek Summer…
mats mouts!

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  1. Creations With Fantasy Reply

    Τρελανε μας κι αλλο μπορεις!!!!

  2. Creations With Fantasy Reply

    Τρελανε μας κι αλλο μπορεις!!!!

  3. Με τόσο γαλαζιο εγω το ανάποδο πλάσμα στάθηκα στην παραλία Antony Quinn δλδ ελεος. . Θα googlαρω τωρα γιατί εχω απορίες. Βουτιές δεν μπορώ να κανω ακομα χαχαχα!!!!!
    Ίρις Ζούλα

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