I do love tea especially on the Winter, I have to say that cold tea is not one of my favorites. But most of all I love their aroma and this Berry tea I have discovered lately is simply amazing. So I have decided to add this aroma on our bath too and not only in our kitchen. After the Berry Tea Salt baths, lets create fast and easy our own homemade soaps!!!!! You are going to love their aroma!


1 cup Goat Milk Soap Base ( I used this one)
1/4 cup Coconut Oil (I used this one)
1 drop red food coloring
1 drop yellow food coloring
2 berry tea bags
8-10 drops Lemon Essential Oil
Soap Molds (if you do not have any, just use ice cube molds)


The procedure is really easy. First just mix the Coconut oil with the tea and add the coloring for the food to create your whished color shade. Have in mind that on Winter you might need to warm a little bit the Coconut Oil before using it.



Cut in small pieces the milk goat soap base and put it in a bowl perfect for the microwave. Heat it for 40secs. It should be liquid by now but if not heat it for a few seconds more. Add the tea and coconut mixture and stir it well. Last but not least, add a few drops from the Lemon Essential Oil! You will be surprised from the new aroma!



Put the mixture in your soap (or ice cube) molds and let it dry. Just a tip….if you wish to avoid the small tiny bubbles on your soap, just wet the molds with rubbing alcohol first. Do not use much of it, just a few drops per mold and cover it well.



Your Tea Berry Soap is ready!!!! The aroma is perfect, the color is amazing and I really adore their schema and the way that tea is hiding on the soap. Just have in mind that this specific soap does not create “huge” foam!


Because of the coconut oil and the goat milk  this soap is just perfect for our skin. To use it for your bath or even to clean your face. The coconut oil is perfect especially for oily skins and the goat milk is just amazing to add moisture to our skin! Both of them are full of vitamins that we need for a healthy and young skin!
So what do you think? Do you use soap for your face and body?
Happy crafting and of course happy spa time!

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ΥΓ. Όλα τα υλικά που χρησιμοποίησα τα έχω προμυθευτεί από το Sensities . Απλά μη ξεχάσετε να αναφέρετε στην παραγγελία σας ότι ειστε αναγνωστες του ΕυΖην μπλογκ ώστε να κερδισετε 20% εκπτωση (δεν ισχυει για προιοντα προσφορας και για αγορες με paypal)

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