Have you ever been in a huge forest with amazing colors and cute animals running around? We had…this Summer, we have visited Foloi village in Peloponisso!


To be honest I could not never decide to visit a place away from the sea during Summer, but this short trip was for the wedding of my hubby’s cousin. Another reason of course was that my princess was the flower girl, so as you can imagine we had to go! Actually my princess was preparing for the wedding many weeks before!



The village was amazing! With a beautiful forest full of gorgeous trees, with sheeps sleeping among them and bees flying around! And the sky…so blue! The place was totally peaceful and we might went there for only 2 days, but we had a great relaxing time.



And my girl was gorgeous! Ok…we had a few moments that I was really anxious, because the village was so small that there wasn’t any flower shop or a shop to buy something for her hair. We were lucky to find a shop owner that he was going to Olympia to but newspapers and he was kind to bring us some flowers and ribbons. As you may imagine… I did her hair! And I really enjoyed it, when she saw her face in the mirror and screaming full of happiness! She was so pretty! My baby princess just became a young lady!



My best wishes once more to the happy couple and for you my friends, I suggest to visit this amazing place. You will be thrilled!
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