Having a young daughter is actually a challenge! Every day she grows up so fast and now that she is already a young lady, she wants jewels for herself.  Not only she wants jewels, but she wants almost any new bead or material I get! So, we have crafted  a few bracelets and necklaces to wear them when we go out or for parties. As you can imagine, we need bracelets easy to wear them, without lobster and of course easy to make them. Elastic bracelets are just perfect! Let’s see how to craft them!


– Orange Acrylic Beads (5mm)
– Silver Plated Beads (2 beads of 5mm)
– Millefiori Bead (6mm)
– Elastic Wire
– Needle
– Scissor



 This is a really easy and fun jewel to make.  First cut a piece of the elastic wire at least with triple length of the wrist. Pass it from the needle.



Use the needle to pass the beads from the elastic wire. I have chosen a few bright orange beads, a couple of silver plated and a millefiori one. First the orange acrylic beads, then a silver bead, the millefiori one



and complete the bracelet with the remaining acrylic beads.


Close the jewel by creating a triple knot for more stability.



Cut the remaining elastic cord and your bracelet is ready. One last step…



pull the elastic wire in order for the knot to be moved and hide it in the beads.


Isn’t a cute one? My daughter loves it and she wears it almost all the time.  I am sure your girls will too!

Happy Crafting!
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PS. I am proud that the specific Jewelry making tutorial is also in the Pandahall Blog! 


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