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No…No I do not love rain unless I am away from office in a sweet wooden house up in the mountains with a great fire in the fireplace and a cup of hot coffee and of course with good company. If this is not the case, then I do not consider myself as a rain girl…even though I love “Singing in the Rain”! Anyway, this year I have decided to buy a pair of rain boots for me. Once more, I am not a huge fan of these boots, but lately I have seen so many beautiful shoes that I have changed my mind….

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Boots with polka dots, with tiny cute flowers, in amazing neon colors, with pastel patterns or more minimal, with bows or buttons… I cannot choose! The past couple of years it is a trend of the Winter to were rain boots everyday and not only the rainy days….and I have to admit that I kinda like this style…is girly but serious at the same time. And you can enjoy them with cute mini dresses or with your denim pants! They suite in every outfit…isn’t great? Well we these beautiful boots and rain coats and umbrellas, I think I will start waiting for the rain to come…


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Ok…this is  a huge step for me, so I still might be a little stable (or should I stay old fashioned) and choose black boots…with polka dots in retro style or with beige details like the horse ridding boots? Hmmm…. Maybe both?


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Well I do not know…but still I have to decide fast, since we are going to have rainy days the next weekend….
Really what is your favorite accessory or cloth for the rainy days????


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