When I first discovered the tiny pink dried roses I got passion with them. And I have to admit that I use them already in too many crafts. They are a mandatory addition in my home décor ( I have created a homemade pot pourri) and of course they are necessary for my beauty products…remember my Dried Roses Bath Salts? Well now I have also used them in my soaps… and they are so beautiful! Perfect for ourselves and for Christmas gifts!


1 cup Glycerin with
Honey Soap Base ( I used this one)
8-10 drops Rosewood Essential Oil (I used this one)
Dried Roses ( I got them
from here)
Soap Molds (if you
do not have any, just use ice cube molds)



The procedure is really easy and it will take less than 10minutes. We are going to use the roses without crashing them in small pieces as we did for the bath salts. First cut in small pieces the glycerin soap base and put it in a bowl perfect for the microwave. Heat it for 40secs. It should be liquid by now but if not heat it for a few seconds more. Add a few drops from the Rose Essential Oil! The aroma is already amazing!
Put a small quantity of the mixture in your soap (or ice cube) molds and let it dry for a few seconds. Add a few of your roses and put more soap mixture, but without filling the mold. Let it again dry for a few seconds and put again a few roses and the rest of the soap mixture, until you cover up the mold case. Let it dry well. Just a tip….if you wish to avoid the small tiny bubbles on your soap, just wet the molds with rubbing alcohol first. Do not use much of it, just a few drops per mold and cover it well.
Soaps are ready!!!! And they look so beautiful… actually you can use them for your decor and not only for your skin! Lace ribbon and they are ready as a gift for your best friend and not only!!! Combine them in a small box with the Roses Salt Bath and you are going to create a beautiful full of aroma handmade gift! If you wish to check more diy for home made beauty products, just click here!
Happy Crafting!!!!

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