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I love the posts that have something to show you, something to share with you, something that will travel you away, something that you are going to admire and you will decide to do it by yourself too. This is exactly how I feel everytime I visit Anna’s blog! A tiny world full of colors, full of ideas, full of amazing pictures. How I call it? A rainbow in my daily routine life!!!!



In the market is really easy to find clothpins (acrylic) in many patterns and colors which can replace the old classic wooden clothpins. But have in mind that the wooden pins are ecological and cheep! So with a pyrographer, which has too many different edges and prints, anyone can transform them really fast in masterpieces and make the airing more funny!
There are edges that make lines, others for dots and many more with prints creating motives. For the more simple designs , as in these creations, you do not need to be an expert, just try it. 
Thank you Zina for the hospitality!
Thank you Anna!!!! Aren’t they beautiful? Minimal, rustic and so beautiful! And yes, maybe with them I will change my mind about airing!
You can visit Anna and travel to her beautiful colorful world, here:

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