What is the better than Christmas and New Year’s Eve??? Christmas and New Year’s Eve with gifts! And since this is not something often for me, having really cute and beautiful presents from my blogger friends is something priceless!


Once more we gathered many blogger’s friends (new and old) and we exchanged handmade gifts like we did last year in Secret Santa 2015! Once more I have received an amazing package from a blogger friend that I really admire and… jealous of. I love her creations, her passion for life, her passion for books and reading and for handmade creations. Every time I read her blog I travel to Thessaloniki and to her amazing things she do and see and reads! Thank you Ariadni!



When I received the notification from the post office, I got surprised when I received a huge box… I do not know why, but I was expecting a small package and instead of that, the box was really big! And when I opened it? nop…there was not only one gift, but 5 presents and cards and a wonderful wedding favour!!! Every time I was opening a present I had a huge smile on my face! This was a Surprise with an upper-case S!!!!



What I received??? First of all a gorgeous cute Santa Claus… not the real one, but a stitched one with amazing colors, made by Ariadni! Just gorgeous!!!! Handmade jewels with buttons (my love) and chrochet flowers made by Ariadni again! A wonderful super aromatic soap and a cute winter owl…actually the last one was for my princess! Cards and tiny stars and so many wishes and beautiful words…the best part of the box I think!


And what happened next? I got passioned with the soap and I want to try make one by myself (new diy in progress….), my princess “stolen” my necklace (she wears it all the time, since it is for her because of the cute little girl charm!!!), I have readen the book in three days only (this is a new world record for me) and I started to read again books…thank you Ariadni for this one!
Do not be jealous! You can also admire Ariadni’s creations and read her posts and travel with her… just visit her blog or follow her instagram page!
Ok…actually you can be jealous…check the rest of the presents that have been created and exchanged for Secret Santa 2016! They are all amazing!!!!!
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