Lately I have a passion with the long necklaces and if they have adorable ribbon scraps and tassels , I love them more. Something between boho and shabby chic style, with details full of romance and in beautiful earthy colors! Adorable and so easy to wear them alone or stacked with more necklaces, creating a beautiful outfit. So, let’s such a gorgeous minimal necklace in brown and bronze colors with pink and gold details!



What are we going to need:
– Bronze Chain
– Eyepins (with or without an end)
– Bronze Jump Rings
– Tassel
– Beads (I have used a bronze wire bead, a glass lampwork bead and a pink agate bead)
– Ribbons scraps
– Bronze Eyepin
– Plier Set


Let’s start by creating the beaded parts of the pendant. I didn’t have eyepins with loops at the ends, so I use a head pin. If you have the same problem just  cut the head of the pin and create a loop.


Pass the beads according to your taste



and connect them with the tassel, creating a long tangle pendant.



Pass it with a jump ring from the antique bronze chain.


 Since the necklace is really long, there is no need of using a lobster. A single jump ring can connect the two chain’s ends without a problem.



Necklace is ready! But let’s make it more shabby chic…with a beautiful detail! Use two small ribbon’s pieces and make simple knots on the chain next to the pendant. Now we are ready!



Isn’t it adorable???



What is your favorite style of necklaces these period my friends???

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PS. I am proud that the specific Jewelry making tutorial is also in the Pandahall Blog


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