My baby boy is two! Oh yes… times goes by so fast sometimes! And my boy is already a young man who knows what he wants, what he wants to eat, to play, to do and has an opinion about his cloths!!!! so the first think he told me when I asked him if he want to have a birthday party was…Thomas Cake!!! Our birthday party theme is closed!

For this post I had two main problems… bad photos and not the proper photos of course. And by that I mean that it is impossible to photo shout while you were serving and that’s why my photos are really bad and of course you do not see the food buffet but the sweet one! The birthday cake was made by me and it was delicious! Thank you Athena for the recipe and the instructions!
Cute gifts were prepared for our little friends… cubes for the boys and a pom pom headband (I will have a diy soon) for our princesses. But there were not alone… chocolates and streamers and train crunchy biscuits were also in the blue bag! I hope they enjoy them!!!!


And we had a really good time… we have played with the train of course and then we have danced! The best part was the smile on my baby boy’s face…and the fact that we were become kids again!
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