Sometimes we have to forget how much tired we are! And to just keep creating… that happened to me last week on my princess’s name day. We have done so many things on her birthday, but for her name day I haven’t prepared anything at all. So much work to do, so many issues to handle…and I totally forgot that special day, shame on me, I know!


The only thing I managed to organise was a coffee for mothers and their daughters in a beautiful coffee place near my home, where the kids can play and create and dance and cook (I might share something about that in another post). But again we wanted to offer something to her friends in the kinder garden, so… I had to find something cute to offer, easy to make and with materials I already have or can easily buy.


Piece of cake…Summer is here, so what about an ice cream with chocolate! Nop, I haven’t created any ice cream at all, after all it would be difficult to offer it to kids inside the school. But again, we offered a sweet treat that reminds us ice cream, because of the ice cream cone! What we have use? Ice cream cones , chocolate bites, cinnamon biscuits, ribbons and a small pinwheel as a gift and of course as a décor.
Simply, add the chocolate treats and the biscuits inside the ice cream cone, use a plastic bag and a ribbon to create a small cute bag and decorate the pinwheel to add more color and to make it even cuter.
At least they have enjoyed them and again I am not feeling that guilty for not preparing anything! Any other ideas for party favour girls? I have my baby boys name day also, soon!
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  1. Dimitra Decorasylum Reply

    Μια χαρά τα χωνάκια σας κι άνευ παγωτού Ζηνάκι!!! Και ο ανεμόμυλος πολύ τσαχπινιά 🙂

    • xaxaxa βγηκαν καλα τελικα και ανευ παγωτού. χιλια ευχαριστω Δημητρα!

  2. Eleftheria Bogioglou Reply

    Ζήνα μου άρεσε πολύ η ιδέα 🙂 Θα το κάνω κι εγώ !!!

  3. Stroumfita Smurf Reply

    Μια χαρά είναι αυτό που ετοίμασες…. Εμένα πάντως αν μου το πρόσφερες θα χαιρόμουν 🙂 Πολλές ευχές για την μικρή σου!!!! Φιλάκια!!!!

    • χαχαχαχα οκ τοτε… την επομενη φορα θα σου στειλω!

      φιλακια και σε ευχαριστω πολύ!

  4. Τέλεια, Ζήνα μου!!! Και πολύ πρωτότυπα !!! Να την χαίρεστε την μικρή σας πριγκίπισσα!!! Πολλά φιλιά!!! Καλό σου απόγευμα!!!

  5. Να τη χαίρεσαι Ζηνάκι μου! Μια χαρά τα χωνάκι αλλά και ο ανεμόμυλος! Και εγώ πάντως χαρούμενη θα ήμουν άμα μου το προσφέρανε!

    • χαχαχαχα το ελπίζω!

      χιλια ευχαριστω κατερινακι για τις ευχες!

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