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It is always great to craft but it is even better if you do this with friends! And because we wanted to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee and chat and of course craft, we decided to organize our Volume 5 Craft Party with Crafting & Cooking Magazine.

Customized Party Banner from Cheapsmarttoys


Cupcakes and coffee in Terra delicia


Tahini Bread


So Sunday morning in our beloved coffee shop Terra Delicia and we are ready to start. This time something was different… we had live music! The party organized after the Valentine’s Day so here in Greece it was the Carnival period and this meant to many flea parties, like the one we had that day. A party with traditional music and dance just next to the coffee shop. Ok, I have to confess that it was a little bit wierd to craft with traditional music, but there is always the first time! A beautiful customized banner for our decor made by Cheapsmarttoys, cupcakes and cofee and the most delicious Sesame Paste Bread you have ever taste from CraftCookLove.


Supplies for painted hearts


handmade March bracelet


 Craft kits were ready (our teacher prepared them and they were so cute!) and of course this time we had also March bracelets for our friends! And now we are ready to start…


Crafting and Cooking magazine craft party


Valentine’s day was just passed but we all of us had this “so in love” mode so our craft was also related to Love! Painted Mandala Heart, a beautiful idea that Anne from Journey into Creativity shared with us! I am not a person that loves painting and drawing, but this craft party totally changed my mind. The procedure was really easy and our teacher Anne was really great!


wooden heart


mandala craft


mandala heart


And it is simple amazing how many different ideas you can see on the same project! Each heart was unique and so beautiful! Very talented friends I have to say!!!


tips for mandala painting


I loved this creation so much that I did another craft with Mandala style and I am just trying to improve my patterns and schemas. Have you checked my Mandala Wooden Spoons???
Our craft parties are something like a habbit, a good habbit and the perfect opportunity to laugh, discuss, relax and create! That’s why we are trying to keep them in our program and organize as many as we can…because it is better to create with friends!


my colored mandala wooden heart


Craft party volume 5 creations


Allow me also to thank our beloved sponsors for their help:
– CheapSmartToys for the amazing customized party banner and the tags for our bracelets
– Dimiourgise for the colors, the wooden hearts and the materials for the March bracelets
– Terra Delicia for the amazing coffee and the cupcakes

Thank you also my ladies for being part of this beautiful event. Hope to see you again in our next Craft Party!!!!

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  1. MommyJammi / Mary Liodou Reply

    Εντάξει φοβερά πράγματα φτιάξατε, παρέα με καφέ και κέικ…τι καλύτερο!

    • Περασαμε ομορφα Μαρακι! Ελπίζω την επόμενη φορα να τα καταφερεις 🙂

  2. Υπεροχες οι καρδουλες! Θελω να ερθω και εγω σε καποιο επομενο, αλλα νομιζω οτι δε θα καταφερω τιποτα. :/

  3. Ευχαριστούμε πολύ Ζηνάκι και φυσικά όλη την ομάδα για ένα ακόμα υπέροχο Κυριακάτικο πρωινό!

    • Εμεις σε ευχαριστουμε Κατερινακι για τη φοβερη παρεα! Και στο επόμενο με το καλο 🙂

  4. Αχ πόσο στεναχωρέθηκα που δε μπόρεσα να έρθω! Στο επόμενο όμως θα είμαι εκεί!

    • και εμεις που δε σε ειδαμε!!! στο επομενο με το καλο!

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