Diy Scrapbooking Paperclip Bookmarks! Use common materials and decorate your paperclips with cute details. A great idea for back to school gift also!


The past weekend was an amazing one , full of good friends and crafts and fun with my kids. My hubby was away on buysiness trip and it was just the perfect time to not bother with housekeeping, but to spent all of my time with kids. To be honest, I had long time to do this. Of course I was a really “not good” mother, since I didn’t even cook! Anyway, we had great time, we laughed a lot and it was so relaxing! But what about the crafts? We made too many things, but one that actually was the most funny were crafts with paper and these Scrapbooking Paperclip Bookmarks!


Materials for Paper Decored Bookmarks
– Paperclips
– Scrapbooking paper
– Paper Cutter
– Glue
My princess was complaining about not having bookmarks for her school books and I was complaning for my adhesive tapes I use in my notebook and they are not stable at all. So, papers in front of us, paperclips and we start cutting and adding glue and decorating them. We start making a couple of them, but then we decided to make more for our dad also!


Cut first a paper scrap and pass it on the one edge of the paperclip. Fold it and add glue. The bookmark is ready! Cut the edges of the paper and create different patterns or use more than one paper.


Kids have really a huge fantasy I have to say and our bookmarks finally did not have only papers! And because we are in love with buttons, we have used them also! Ribbons and pom pom also and our bookmarks became so colorfull and so funny and really cute! My princess adored them and her books are now having more than one…just for fun!



Of course I have used a few of them for my notebook and I have to say, that they are so cute and help me a lot, not to lose anything written!



So, are you “crazy” enough to create such funny bookmarks with paper and paperclips? A craft that your kids will also enjoy!
Happy Crafting!!!
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  1. εμ ενα μυαλο Χειμωνα Καλοκαιρι, ειναι λογικο να ξεχναμε. Υπεροχοι βγηκαν οι σελιδοδεικτες και φανταζομαι τη μικρ ποσους θα εχει πανω στα βιβλια της!

    • χαχαχαχα οχι, πιστεψε με, δεν μπορεις να φανταστεις! τουλαχιστον 3 σε καθε σελιδα! χαχαχαχα

  2. Φανταστικοί!! Πολύ πολύ όμορφη ιδέα Ζήνα. Ο γιος μου θα ξετρελαθείτε αφού έχει πάθει μια εμμονή με τους σελιδοδείκτες τελευταία

    • Ω!!! πολύ χαίρομαι! και ειναι κ παρα πολύ ευκολοι στη κατασκευη Ελενη! Καλές δημιουργίες!!!

    • Τελεια!!! Καλες δημιουργίες με πολλά γέλια ευχομαι!

    • ειδες; για σενα δουλευω! χαχαχαχααχ

      χιλια ευχαριστω Κατερινακι!

  3. MommyJammi / Mary Liodou Reply

    Είναι απλώς φανταστική ιδέα! Ευρηματική θα έλεγα! Τι όμορφα που έγιναν και πόσο εύκολα!

  4. Θα τους δοκιμάσω κι εγω!! Είναι τέλειοι!! Και με washi tape θα ήταν φοβεροί επίσης!

    • χαχαχαχα χαιρομαι που σου αρεσαν Ελπίδα! Καλές δημιουργίες!!!

  5. Είναι πολύ όμορφα! Και είναι και χρήσιμα! Κι αν βάλεις και τον εκτυπωτή στη παρέα the sky is the limit! Μπράβο σας για την ιδέα και την εκτέλεση!

    • Ω!!! ναι, εκτυπωτη βεβαια μολις απέκτησα οπότε τωρα θα τον δουλεψω και αυτον!!!!

  6. Πρέπει να φτιάξω αρκετά για το bullet journal μου. Είναι τόσο χαριτωμένα!

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