Church of St. Elizabeth – Blue Church Bratislava a unique blue monument to visit next time you will be in Slovakia!


It is always amazing to travel… at least for me. I always feel free and even I go back to the same places, the feelings are the same and so great! One more trip, one more chance to relax, one more opportunity to visit the same places and discover new. And in my second trip to Bratislava, I had the chance to visit and discover more amazing places like the St Elizabeth Church known as the Blue Church!



The Church of St. Elizabeth is an Art Nouveau Catholic church located in the eastern part of the Old Town in Bratislava. It is consecrated to Elisabeth of Hungary. It is referred to as “The Little Blue Church” because of the colour of its façade, mosaics and blue-glazed roof. Its style, known as Hungarian Secession, is repeated in the nearby grammar school, since it was initially served as the school chapel. Both were designed by Budapest architect Edmund Lechner and built in the early twentieth century.



Spend time to walk around outside of the building and examine the details of the façade. There are thin lines of cobalt-colored mosaics form patterns around the base and more blue-colored mosaics adorning the exterior walls. Both the interior and exterior of the church are painted in shades of pale blue and decorated with blue majolica , while the roos is also tiled with blue-glazed ceramics. The structure incorporates a 36.8-metre round tower with a clock on it and protection sign from eveil eye.


The main entrance is decorated with a circular mosaic depicting St. Elizabeth, who is the patron saint of bakers, widows and young brides. The work of art is an illustration of the miracle of roses. According to legend, the food that Elizabeth was carrying to the poor one day turned into roses when she was confronted by her husband. She had been forbidden to give food away.



The interior is richly decorated with altarpieces, while blue and white are the main colors. On the central altar there is an illustration of St Elizabeth, depicted giving arms to the poor.




Unfortunately when I visited the church it was closed, so I had only the chance to admire it from outside and from the open entrance. I didn’t had the chance to enter to the church. So in case you wish to visit it, just be informed first about the opening hours. It is really a sightseeing that you must not forget to visit!
And after that, do not forget to enjoy an delicious cheesecake and have a great aromatic coffee!!!
Happy travelling!!!
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  1. MommyJammi / Mary Liodou Reply

    Τι ναός απίστευτος; Τι κτίρια είναι αυτά;!

  2. Τι όμορφος ναό! Και πόσο όμορφος και περιποιημένος εξωτερικός χώρος…!

    • Είναι όντως πολύ προσεγμένος και πολυ ιδιαιτερος 🙂

  3. Athanasia - Creations with fantasy Reply

    Πανέμορφη!!! Ούτε όταν ήμουν εγώ εκεί ήταν ανοιχτή η εκκλησία! Απίστευτα χρώματα!

    • χμμ… πηγα 2 φορες και δεν ηταν ανοικτη και μαλιστα σε διαφορετικές χρονικές στιγμες… τι να πω!

    • εμ…μεσα στο μυαλο μου εισαι ακριβως! πρεπει…δεν πρεπει;;;

  4. Yπέροχη!!!Άντε και στα άλλα ταξίδια με το καλό και μην ξεχάσεις να μας "πάρεις" ξανά μαζί σου στο ταξίδι!!!Καλημέρα Ζήνα!!!

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