Diy Fairyland with Flowers Frame! A beautiful idea for a handmade gift for your little friends that love fairytales!


I love fairies!!! I really do…and I have to admit that when I was a child, I have spent at least 5hours with my friend hidding in the forest waiting for the fairies to appear! Don’t ask what happened with my parents please… but what to do? Fairies are so cute!  I also had created fairy dust!!! Yes, again don’t ask what happened with my mother when she saw the glitter around the house! But anyway, here I am a grown up girl, who stil believes in fairies! So, let’s create a beautiful Frame from Fairyland for your little girl’s room!


For this diy unfrotunately I do not have a photo to share with you with the materials I have used. The reason is that I have prepared this frame as a gift for a young friend of mine and when I started working on that I didn’t know what I will create. Somehow after five minutes I was painting the Fairy clipboard, I realized what i wanted to create…it was like the little fairy talking to me!



What materials we will need for the Fairyland Decor Frame:
– Wooden Frame (I have used one frmae from IKEA that has free space to use…you know the known one)
– White Glue
– Hot Glue
– Dried Flowers
– Fairy Clipboard
– Moss
– Wooden brances
– Scrapbook Paper



Jasmin, the little fairy, told me that she lives in a great forest, with beautiful trees and flowers around and green moss… so what to do? We need to create the perfect home for our little friend. I still had materials from the forest I have used for my Spring Wreath, so again wooden brances and dried flowers, but this time I added moss I have also gathered from the forest.



First paint your fairy. If you want to add glitter on her, like I did, just use white glue and let it dry! Let’s start working on our frame now. Hot glue,all the materials next to you and start decorating it. Hot gluee on the moss and brances and flowers and create your beautiful magic place. When you are done, just use hair spray on them in order to stabilize the moss and the flowers.



Put your “world” in your frame and use scrapbooking paper for the background. Just stabilize the fairy on the paper with hot glue. But still something was missing… and then I realized that the fairy was just singing to the trees… so white glue again and glitter and let it dry!



It is really amazing how a picture can have different meaning for everyone. My princess when she saw this frame she just told me… “look mommy, the fairy is just breathing on the forest because she wants to protect it from bad people. She wants to protect the flowers, the trees, the animals…she is a Fairy of the Forest!”. I like this explanation better than mine, so I kept it! A small gift for a young princess to bring luck to her life and to make her dreaming all the time…her own Fairyland!

Do you believe in Fairies????

Happy Crafting my frineds! Happy Dreams!



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And for our little boys, something Under the Sea maybe???
Α!!! και για τα μικρά μας αγόρια κάτι σε Υδάτινο Κόσμο μήπως;;;


Passion crafter , dreamer, lover of travelling and of good food, fan of colors and of photography! Lucky mother of two, who help me extend my imagination! EfZin…live well, dream and laugh!


  1. Athanasia - Creations with fantasy Reply

    Με τρέλανες και με πήρες τα μυαλά. Θέλω ένα τέτοιο οπωσδήποτε! Φτιάξε με ένα σε παρακαλωωωωω πληρώνω όσο όσο!!!!

    • χαχαχαχα παω για υλικα και στο στελνω! για τη μικρη όχι για σενα…

  2. Αυτές οι κορνίζες με βάθος,μου αρέσουν πολύ,γιατί αφήνουν την φαντασία σου ελέυθερη,να δημιουργήσεις ότι θέλεις.Σε μία τέτοια έχω βάλει το προσκλητήριο,το μαρτυρικό και την μπομπονιέρα από τη βάφτιση του Φραγκισκάκου!Υπέροχη και ρομαντική η νεραιδένια σου!!Καλό ΠΣΚ Ζήνα!!!

    • υπεροχη ιδεα! ετσι σε μία κορνίζα έχεις όλη τη βάπτιση! μια χαρα 🙂

  3. Μία κορνίζα μπορεί να χωρέσει όλο τον "κόσμο" και ειδικά στις μικρές ηλικίες που τα όνειρα τους είναι τρυφερά και όμορφα ,όπως η υπέροχη κορνίζα σου!

  4. MommyJammi / Mary Liodou Reply

    Να σου πω ότι με συγκίνησες;… Θα κρατήσω επίσης σαν φυλακτό την εκδοχή της μικρής σου πριγκίπισσας… η μικρή σου φίλη το λάτρεψε… και η μαμά της…

    • Και εμενα με κατασυγκίνησε η μικρη με την καρτα. το καλύτερο δωρο!

  5. Μου αρεσουν τοσο πολύ οι νεράιδες και τα λουλουδια!
    Μπραβο Ζηνα μου,

  6. Μια πανέμορφη νεράιδα στο φυσικό της κόσμο!!!

  7. Εχω που εχω μια ιδιαιτερη συμπαθεια σε αυτες τις κορνιζες…εσυ την απογειωσες!

    • χαχαχα χαιρομαι που σου αρεσει! χιλια ευχαριστω 🙂

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