Diy Funky Fruit Bowl with pom pom! Add colored details to your fruit bowl with this easy diy!


One of the best thing to have in your decoration of your kitchen is fruits! Just imagine… strawberries, bananas, cherries, peaches and many more, all of them in amazing colors and all of them decorating your home! Afterall we are not only thinking about the decor but also about our health. Fruits should always be in our diet and especially on Summer that our body needs extra water.  So, let’s take care of them and prepare a Funky Fruit Bowl, perfect for your kitchen table!


The idea came up when I saw these amazing yarns I have also used in my Spring Flower Wreaths. I wanted to use them in anohter craft also, maybe a craft for my kitchen as well, so this Straw Bowl I have found was just perfect for them! A really easy and funny diy that actually was completed by my princess!



Materials for Pom Pom Yarn Fruit Bowl
– Straw Bowl
– Yarn
– Hot Glue
– Pom Pom Ribbon
– Needle


The past month, my princess is trying embroidery and this started when I saw an embroidey craft kit in Tiger Stores, perfect for kids. The kit was actually schemas in paper and yarn and plastic needles and it was a great chance to practise with needle. So when we finished all of the schemas, we proceed with easy embroidery, like letters! This craft was really easy also for her and it was another great chance to practise further with needles. So cut a piece of yarn almost in the same length as the bowl’s perimeter, connect it to the needle and start passing the yarn from the wholes of the bowl.



The specific bowl had big holes so it was easy to pass the yarn among them. Decorate the perimeter and them make a single knot in the edges. Continue the same procedure with another piece of yarn in the same or different color.


We have selected to use both pink and mint green yarn and the bowl is ready! But then, a hot pink pom pom ribbon just passed by and it was pitty to leave her alone. So hot glue and the ribbon is part of the bowl now!




Hmmm… I have to admit, I am huge fan of pom pom this period! But what can I say? They are so cute and so beautiful and in amazing colors! I really like them in my crafts and decoration and in my jewels!  Our Funky Fruit Bowl is placed next to the Rotated Cake Stand and the kitchen table is full of pastel colors!!!! And I adore this! I really enjoy having a coffee in my kitchen… so many colors!



What do you think? Isn’t it cute? Have you ever used yarn or pom pom in your decoration????
Happy Crafting my friends!
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  1. Funky χρώματα και διάθεση Ζήνα!! Χαίρεσαι και μόνο που το βλέπεις! Το είδα αρχικά στο instagram και μου έκανε αμέσως κλικ!
    Καλό ΣΚ να έχεις!!!

    • Ω!!!! χαιρομαι που σου άρεσαν Αλεξάνδρα!!!! Χιλια ευχαριστω!

  2. Πιο χαρούμενο μπολ για φρούτο δεν έχω ξαναδεί !!Πομ πομ σε κανένα μαξιλαράκι αν έχω βάλει αλλά τελικά έχουν γούστο παντού!!Καλή εβδομάδα Ζινάκι

    • Αυτα τα πομ πομ είναι απλά λατρεία…οπότε καταλαβες…θα τα βάλω παντου σε κατασκευες! χαχαχαχα
      Χιλια ευχαριστω!

  3. MommyJammi / Mary Liodou Reply

    Πραγματικά εσύ μόνο θα μπορούσες να πάρεις ένα απλό ψάθινο καλαθάκι και να το μεταμορφώσεις έτσι! Τόσο χρωματιστό και χαρούμενο!

    • χαχαχαχα και τρελο θελεις να πεις! Χιλια ευχαριστω Μαρακι 🙂

  4. Άμα είναι έτσι το μπολ τρώω και εγώ τα φρούτα μου! Η φαντασία σου στη μεταμόρφωση δεν υπάρχει!

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