DIY Bath Salts with Aromatic Tea for a really relaxing home spa time!

It is all about tea! Many people are really happy just tasting an aromatic tea and some others they just want more! You guess right, I am in the second category! I love tea, because not only of its flavour, but mostly because of its aroma! And if you combine it with honey, then the taste is even more tastefull! I have too many flavours in my collection, but this does not mean that if I discover something new, I will not get it! Of course I will do! And then the problems start… too many things in my kitchen’s shefves! What does this mean? That I have to taste and use them all as soon as possible, to create some free space for my new additions! 

And this is how I got my new flavour from Tiger Stores. A package full or cinnamon and clove and black tea! You cannot imagine the aroma! Amazing and full of Christmas spirit! So I got for myself a few packages and then I started thinking… why to use them only like a hot drink? What if I would like to have this amazing aroma in my bath also? That’s it… Bath salts! Just perfect to relax you and to enjoy also an amazing bath with tea! So lets prepare them. They are really easy to make them!

Ingredients for our Bath Salts with Tea:

– 1 cup mineral and dead sea salt

– 1 tablespoon from your favorite aromatic tea (I have used Jule-te from Tiger Stores)

– Mason Jar

– Food Color (I have used red)

In a small bowl combine the salt with your tea. If the tea is not coarsely ground, you can use it as it is in your mixture. If not, just use a food processor and then added in your mixture. last but not least, add a few drops of the food coloring, depending how bold you wish the color of the salts to be. Put it in a mason jar and it is ready!

How to use it? Just add 2-3 tablespoons in your hot bath and enjoy. Else you can use them for feet bath after a long day! It is just perfect to relax you before going to sleep. Apply also a body cream and your skin will be really smooth.

To be honest, I have prepared these bath salts for the Valentines day, that’s why I have used red color. But then, it was just the greatest idea to offer them as a gift to a beloved friend, who always is overloaded and needs to be more relaxed. So, I have prepared a small package for her, to enjoy spa at home! Easy to make them, since for this recipe you only need ingredients you already have in your kitchen.  If you do not have food color, do not worry, since the tea will add afterall color in the bath salts!

And a tip… if the tea is coarsely ground just add your bath salts in a tulle before you add them in the hot water. In that way the salts will make the baths enjoyable, without creating any problem with the bathroom’s plumbing. Also if you wish to make your bath full of bubbles, just add 2-3 tablespoons of Epson salts!

It is fun to create Bath Salts and you can find more recipes here


Happy Crafting!

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  1. Kelley Hoppock Reply

    You should probably put a disclaimer. Cloves and cinnamon can be irritating to sensitive skin.

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