DIY Heart Leather Bracelet easy and fast! A beautiful jewel just for yourself!

Even thought I am in love with everything in shabby chic style with the hidden romance and the dangle cute things, my jewels are really minimal. I mean, not only minimal in their style, but I want them to be beautiful and cute without having to many little things o make noise. Of course I wear this type of jewel also, but not usually in the office. My main job has to do with computers, so imagine typing on the pc and having your bracelets making noise… not my style! For this season I always like pastel colors and this time I wanted something in pastel pink. When I saw this recycled leather in a gorgeous baby pink, I knew I had to craft something with it. For today my friends, I have to share with you a jewelry diy! How to make a Double Layer Leather Bracelet with a beautiful Heart!

Materials for Heart Double Layer Leather Bracelet:

– Recycle Leather Folded (leather cords / leather laces)

Heart Magnet Closure

– Scissor

– Jewelry Glue

Fabric Ribbon Scraps

The specific closure actually is the amazing detail of the bracelet. I got it in silver tones, but it is available in other shades also, which are adorable. The magnet closure can be used in a leather that is more wide, but in my bracelet I wanted to have double layer of leather. So an amazing baby pink recycled leather was my choice and I love this color. Start by measuring your wrist and cut two pieces of the leather. Just do not forget to add in your measurement the length of the clasp. Add jewelry glue on the leather and glue it in the clasp. Allow it to dry.

I love fabric scraps and actually using them is a great example of upcycle. So I have a small box with scrpas from ribbons mostly and I used them for the bracelet. Jusy make a single knot of the scrap in the bracelet. If you want it to be more stable, just use glue also. 

Add glue on the free edge of the leather and again glue it on the clasp. The jewelry glue usually takes hours to dry well and be really stable. Your bracelet is ready! Easy, right?

Pink and purple and a beautiful heart… so adorable! I think I will really enjoy it everyday, especially on Spring and Summer because of its color! And if you are fan of this type of jewels, just check out my other one with jeans, here. You will love it!


So, what kind of jewels do you like? 


Happy Crafting!!!


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  1. What a sweet bracelet! I especially love the addition of the ribbon scraps. That little detail makes it so unique. Keep crafting!!

  2. wonderful idea, I love the creativity especially the pink colour of the bracelet, I think having to craft one my self will not be a bad idea.

  3. I am a big fan of DIYs, and remodeling stuffs with scraps is definitely a good way of revamping most of our accessories. Nice job.

  4. Such a cute bracelet! Perfect colors for spring. I absolutely love the magnetic heart. Beautifully done!

  5. kartika nair Reply

    This is really beautiful and easy DIY . I can easily try it . I loved the color of t its my favorite color pink . Surely checking more of your DIY’s . Thanks !

  6. That is cute! I love crafts too, I usually do it as a bonding with my nieces, they love the DIY concept and definitely, I can suggest making a cute bracelet like this. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Lauren Ashley Reply

    This looks like such a great project for a girls party. My nieces would love this.

  8. Ann Snook-Moreau Reply

    Sometimes DIY jewelry looks too “homemade” for me. But this piece looks so professional and actually seems not too hard to make . . . awesome!

  9. Lena Juice Reply

    love DIY prodects! you can always make something unique and it’s magical feeling during the process. btw, great bracelet 😉

  10. you are so talented ! is amazing what you can do with ur hands , I would have bought that bracelet in a heart beat ! do you have an etsy store?

  11. I wish I’m more creative. I’m going to try this with my sister. I’m looking forward to see more tutorials!

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