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Next day after Easter, with an amazing sunny day and the perfect opportunity for a small excursion with the kids. A walk in the Aesthetic forest of Kesariani!

There is nothing more beautiful than a walk in the Nature, especially when there is a great sun and you are out of the office. So, a day after Easter, with high temperature and with a huge wish to go for a picnik in the forest. There are so many places around Athens that actually can be great for a small excursion. My favorite Parnitha mountain or even the small forest of Siggrou and also Tatoi, but this time we decided to visit the forest of Kesariani. A place to visit!

Food storaged in plastic bowls, cold refreshments, toys for the kids, tablecloth, extra cloths for the kids, bag for the rubbish and of course sun protection cream and we are ready to go. Destination? the Aethitic Forest of Kesariani, really close to my house, almost 20 minutes by car .  To be honest I haven;t been there since I was to university, so I was really glad to visit once more the places I used to go for a walk, this time with my family and beloved freinds.

The weather was amazing and the day actually was perfect, because due to Easter holidays, many people left Athens and actually the place was not that croudy. Meaning that we found easily a place to use for our pic nic, next to a big tree and with free space for the kids to play. Guess what they prefered…nop, no balls or anything similar… they just spent at least 3 hours playing with the soil, creating wholes and building castles! Actually it was like Summer holidays.

In order to get there you need to use the Peripheral road to Imitos , use the exit to Kesariani and then follow the signs for Monastery of Kesariani.  A really beautiful place to visit, full of trees and flowers! So, we start walking , we passed the Monastery and we walked even dipper in the forest. Kids were so happy that they were signing! When we get there, the sightview of Athens was amazing! Trully amazing! 

We bacame kids again and we maked our cloths dirty but we enjoyed it. Football and building castles and making wholes and discovering bugs and then we got tired. Of course the grown ups, because the kids were full of energy…and we start walking into the forest to discover more…

The Aesthitic Forest of Kesariani is one of the most amazing things to visit in Imitos mountain in Athens.  The forest is actually created by humans, because after the 2nd World War the mountain was only rocks and nothing more. It was created in the period 1946 to 1988. During the 50s and 60s the forect was actually really big,  but unfortunatelly two big conflagrations destoyed  a big area.  We are lucky that in our days the forest remains beautiful with amazing fauna and flora.

Finally the forest became responsibillity of the Philodasian Company (Friends of the Forest Company) and their main responsibility is taking care of it. In Imitos mountain are around 700 recorded  plants from Greece. Many of them can be found in the forest but there are also plenty of them in the plant nursery and the botanical garden that has been created by  Philodasian Company. Unfortunately we did not visit the park, but we will definately do it in the next days.

Olive trees,  cypress , pine cones, almond trees and many more can be found and can be admired! So, comfortable shoes and water and let’s discover more about this forest! There are so many hidden places to find! A beautiful place to visit, close to Athens city!

have fun!

mats mouts

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