DIY Wreaths from Paper Drinking Straws and add more color in your home! A beautiful idea for craft for kids and of course to offer it as a gift!

I am fan of collections! Not any collection of course, but  mine collections. Every time I like something, is the great opportunity to have a new collection. So… I have collection from Coffee Cups, Fabrics, Business cards from the places I visit (especially while travelling), handmade dolls and now… Paper Straws! And when this mad started? While I was preparing last year the birthday party for my prince. To be honest, I have never realized that there are so many different and full of color paper straws! But it was not possible to start collecting them. How to use them? For Crafts of course! From Summer Necklace to Christmas Elf Brooch and now for Wreaths! So join me, for a fast DIY Wreaths from Paper Drinking Straws!!!!


Materials to use for Wreaths from Paper Drinking Straws:

– Paper Drinking Straws (2 for each wreath)

– Hot Glue

– Decorative things (pom pom, ribbons, lace, yarn etc)

– Fabrics


Ok… and now you can ask me…but wreaths? Yea! I know…crazy idea! I wanted to re-decorate my home and remove all the dark colors and replace them with more pastel shades. It was about time of course. Summer is near and I wanted something more relaxed but again full of colors. So I have decided to make wreaths. Something in aqua blue or turquoise or ming green with pink shades of course. The problem was that I did not have any paint spray in the above shades, in order to paint the wooden embroidery hoops. So…I had to use another material. And then I saw my monochrome paper straws in blue shades! Just perfect!

Let’s start then. First cut the first straw in the middle. Cut the second straw in therr pieces, two of them with the same length and the third one small. Glue the biggest pieces of the straws in order to create a parallelogram. Glue the smallest piece in on e of the parallelogram’s corners. We do this just because in this way we have more space to use for our decoration. Our baseline for the wreath is ready!

Start decorating it. We did three different wreaths but using the same materials: fabric, yarn and pom pom! For the first one, we just glue yarn on the corner of the straws and above the pom pom. In order to make it more “romantic” , a fabric flower joined the decoration. 

Of course I wanted with more color, so yarn scraps on the free side of the wreath and pom pom on the yarn and now it is ready! I really enjoyed the materials I used, because all of them were in the shades I liked. Of course, every time I want to create something colorfull the perfect place to find them is always Flying Tiger. Everyhting in their products has color!

For the second wreath? again yarn and pom pom and fabrics but this time in red and pink colors.

Last but not least, the third wreath with a fabric rose!

The flowers are easy to make them and they are pretty beautiful to use them in the crafts. More specifically:

Carnation Flower: Cut a Fabric stripe and fold it in the middle. With a scissor, cut the folded side, like creating a castle. Start fold again the stripe and create your flower. A beautiful detail is a pom pom or a round button in the middle of it.

Rose Flower: Cut again a thin fabric stripe and fold it in the middle. Start folding the stripe and after 2 rounds, change the direction of the stripe (fold it in that way the the up becames down). Continue the same until all the stripe to be folded.

Make the flowers stable with hot or fabric glue or with stiches.

If you want your wreaths to be bigger, then you can use more straws in each side. So instead of using one straw per side, glue two or three together and make the sides wider. 

So, what do you think? Aren’t they easy and cute?

Happy Crafting!!!!



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  1. these are nice craft ideas with straw! The colors are so cute, too. My daughters would have a field day doing this. The two girls like to make stuff to hang in their bedroom 🙂

  2. Amalia Silva Reply

    Wow, so skilled looks really good for decorations in any part of the house! Will give it a go this weekend!

  3. Dalene Ekirapa Reply

    Aaw! What a way to get crafty…so drinking straws could be reused like this? It’s awesome… And colorful. Kids would make good use of free time making such.

  4. What a creative way to use straws and a great way to entertain children!

  5. These are really cute, and look like a great craft for kids to do! I really love the fabric flowers, and the decorative tape you used to hang them up! So colorful and cheerful!

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