Flower Exhibition in Kifisia Athens Greece, an amazing walk to have among flowers and colors and aromas!

1sy of May, Spring celebration and unfortunately you remain in the city instead of having an excursion! But you want desperately to be among flowers and enjoy their aromas and colors! Of course, do not forget that we need to create our handmade Spring Wreath! What to do? Just go for a walk in the Flower Exhibition in Kifisia , Athens!

To be honest I always knew about this exhbition, but I did not have the chance so far to visit it. Every year, something came up and it was impossible to be there. And it is not only about flowers. There are too many activities for the kids and music concerts and theater! This year we were lucky to spend there a few hours of the 1st of May! This day is really beautiful in Greece because is the perfect day to celebrate Spring and good weather!

The Flower Exhibition is actually a flea market full of flowers. If you want to visit it, you need to go to Kifisias park “Dimitris Zomopoulos”. In order to get there you can go by car, using the Kifisias Avenue. Another way to approach the park is by suberbway and stop to Kifisia Station. The station is exactly in the same road with the park. The exhibition takes place the first two weeks of May and it starts from 10 o clock in the morning.

And really, everything looks amazing! The whole park is full of aromas and amazing colors! Flower producers from all around Greece, are here in order to present and sell their flowers and plants. Dahlias, carnations, roses, corals, amaranth and many more! Of course this is the place to find also plants, vegetable plants and small fruit bearing trees. 

We have walked in the market for at least two hours, because we wanted to see all of them before deciding what to buy. This time we have agreed with the kids that they will have their own plant to take care of. My princess selected a Dhalia and my Prince got a Coral. For me? Amaranth as always (I adore this flower! You can alsways use it in your crafts)  and then tomatoes plants and peper. And then I have decided to challenge myself. I bought a gardenia! Yes I know… I am not either good with my cactus and succulents, but I will give it a shot. 

Last but not least, you can always find beautiful handmade floral creations. Wreaths with flowers, decorative hats and headbands for the young girls. All of them so cute and unique. Ok, I did not take anything handamde, but we got a wreath base to use it for our Spring Wreath of course. If you are not familiar with that, in Greece the 1st of May we celebrate Spring by creating wreaths with flowers. So, what we did?

A wreath with Amaranth of course in many colors! A yellow plaid ribbon it the sparkle detail. I adore Amaranth because you can dry it, without loosing its amazing color or shade. And then just use them in your crafts, like I did in the Spring Wreaths with Embroidery HoopsAnother idea for a beautiful full of colors Wreath is the one with Moss! Just check it also here!

The exhibition is over, but it is really worthy to visit it next time. It will make you smile!


Have fun my friends.


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