10 Reasons to Visit Daphne’s Club Hotel and many more….

Last days of May and the weather is so hot that is the perfect opportunity to have weekend vacations with the family.  My main problem everytime we are sceduling a trip is how far away is from Athens. The reason is that kids, especialy my prince, cannot stay long to the car. He always complains about not doing anything interesting while being in the car. So he wants to have a stop every 30min…guess… this adds a huge delay on our trip. For this excursion I was looking for a place close to Athens and of course next to the sea! And of course, not to carry too many things, but only our cloths and nothing more! We were lucky, because we have discovered the most Family friendly hotel ever. So, 10 reasons to visit Daphne’s Club Hotel in Sikia of Peloponesse!

Cold coffee and snacks (yes, we eat in the car!), music is on and toys for the kids and let’s go! Due to the Holy spirit celebration, Relegional Hodilday for Greece, there was so much traffis. But again, Sikia is not that far away and with also two stops, we managed to get there after 1 hour and 30 minutes. In order to get there, just use the National Railway form Athens to Patra and use the exodus of Xilokastro. Sikia is the village next to Xilokastro. Our first impressions??? Simply amazing! As the title says, 10 reasons to visit this club hotel, bbut to be honest there are more! an amazing Club hotel for the perfect Family vacations

Shall we start?

1. Easy Booking, according to our needs:

I do not know if this is typical for you, but for us it was actually the first time. I mean about booking. But let me explain to you. So I discover the hotel and we decide to book an appartment. Booking on line and then I received two different emails. The first one was having information about the place and proposals for short excursions or what to visit and see. The second one was a form to fulfill with our needs for the kids!  My kids are 7 and 4 so the only thing I wanted was the protection bar for the bed and of course plateware set for the kids. If I had discovered this place earlier, it would be easier for me to have vacations with a baby. They offer you everything! From baby bed to breastfeeding pillow and everything about the little ones!

2. Two bedroom’s Furnished Family Appartment:

The first impression from the entrance of the hotel was amazing. And then we discovered our appartment! First of all it was so cool! No aircondition was needed, even thought the outside temperature was around 30 degrees. What next… it had 2 different bedrooms, for the kids and the parents. The kitchen was amazing and really comfortable. The decoration was minimal in blue and white, the most beautiful colors of the Greek Summer! So beautiful!

3. Room’s Benefits:

To be honest, the only thing that you need to have with you are cloths and shoes and cosmetics. Nothing more. The room was really comfortable and with closet in every room! Also, as I already said before, it was that cool for this hot Summer period, that we did not use aircondition at all. And then let’s go to the details… Iron and ironing board, kitchen’s utensils, plates and glasses, coffee machine, tea and coffee flavours, hair dryer, cleaning things, mosquitos repellents, drying rack for washing and many more!

4. Veranda:

The appartment has its own veranda, seperated from the other appartments. It was, as you may guess, also really cool. With an amazing sofa that I adored, among flowers and yasmin with amazing aroma! it was just the perfect place to enjoy your dinner or playing with the kids!

5. Common Areas:

One of my concerns about hotels were the common areas. i really do not like the hotels that actually have no common areas and no place to enjoy outside your room. Daphne’s Club hotel has to many beautiful common areas to use, all of them amazing during Summer or even Winter. A really beautiful fireplace to enjoy especially during chilli Winter, game tables, coffee area, library, garden and many more! 

6. Roof Garden:

The hotel has not sea view, but it is really close to the beach. However, Daphne has created a beautiful roof garden with an amazing view! Coffee tables, sunbeds and a big chess. The perfect place to enjoy sun or a cold coffee or even a relaxed evening!

7. Activities for kids:

I have told you already and I will repeat myself…the most Family Friendly hotal I have ever met. There are available too many activities for all the kids, independent the age of them. Secure kindergarden for kids that are more than 6months old.  A room full of toys and books  and dolls and so many things. Wooden socker game for the older kids (and their fathers of course!). And do not forget the big chess on the roof garden.

8. Activities for the Grown-Ups:

Of course there are many things also available for the grown ups, meaning my age! To be honest it was a little bit difficult to seperate them from children’s activities, since many of them can also be used by kids. My favorite corner was an antique chair nect to the library. The most beautiful corner for reading! And then there were available a piano and instrumentals for those that can play music or sing! Also there were available bicycles for kids and grown ups to use them for a ride to the pine tree forest next to the hotel!

8. Amazing breakfast:

Because in orde to have a good day, you need to start with a healthy, tasty and full of energy breakfast! And Daphne always preparing the most amazing breakfast you can find, with everything homemade. Every day the menu was different and you could enjouy various homemade jams tastes or pies (like the zuchini and feta pie). cakes, cheese and cold meats and honey with butter and raisins and fresh fruits and…many more! Of course there were amazing flavours of coffee and tea, fresh juice and biological milk!

9. The beach and things to do close to the hotel:

What is the most amazing coombination? Sea and forest of course! The hotel was next to a really clean and amazing beach, close to the pine tree forest! In some points of the beahc the trees were so close that you did not even need to use sun umprellas. And this is what also I have forgoten to bring with me from my home… but again there were available beach toys and sunbeds and umbrealls in the hotel to use them on the beach! And on the afternoon it was really beautiful to walk in the Pine Trees’ forest , again next to the hotel. At the end of this small forest you will find a beautiful coffee shop just next to the sea! Last but not least, do not forget to visit both Xilokastro and Sikia and taste the local food. Fresh fish and pies and vegetables and of course handmade sweets!

10. Organized Activities – Excursions – Crafts and many more:

I have to admit that we did not have free time to spend on organized activities this time, but we will do it the next time we will be again in Daphne’s Club Hotel. Next to the reception there is a board with information about archeological sites, organized excursion and mini cruises, wineries to visit and many more. Everything about wine lovers, Nature lovers, Sports lovers! You can find also a well organized program in the hotel’s main page with the activities and programms that are offered in the hotel. Just click here! And since I was there, we have organized with Daphne a craft party for kids and the parents! But I will share more about this, in another post!

I have to say that we were really enjoyed our stay at Dahne;s Club hotel! The place was the best example of family friendly hotel! There were too many families with young children and we were really enjoyed meet each other and spend time with the new friends! kids were playing together and we were having chat with them. A beautiful place to stay and without the need to carry with you nothing more than cloths , shoes and cosmetics!

So have you been in  Daphne’s Club before 

Have  great vacations!!!!

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