DIY Handmade Soap with Lemon and Matcha Tea , pefrect for your every day skin and face care routine!

It must be the period , you know, the beginning of the Summer! Because everytime I am thrilled about fresh vegetables and fruits of course. Not all of them, but especially Lemon is my number one! I adore its yellow color and I am in love with its aroma. It reminds me the Summer time… I have to admit that…because of my father! When I was a child, every Sunday was our special day for barbeque and we were using so much lemon on our food. Yea, I know, stupid enough! But now combine this with fresh lemonade and now you have the whole picture! This time I have used Lemon in our home made soaps

Actually I am more than happy, because for this recipe I have used the lemons from my own lemon tree! This year I was lucky to taste so many lemons from my tree in my veranda! Huge Success! So I have used them in lemon ice cream and in  fresh lemonade of course, but also in Chocolate bites with Lemon and in our favorite Carrot Cake with Lemon icing! Do not forget of course that it is also perfect for making your own Feet Scrub! So why not to try it in a soap? Lemon has amazing aroma and it is perfect for cleing the skin and make it more shiny! Now, combine it also with green Matcha tea (which also has amazing benefits) and you will have a home made natural soap pefrect for your daily skin care routine! About Matcha tea, check also the Bath Salts with Roses and the Face Scrub!

Incredients for Handmade Glycerin Soap with Lemon and Matcha Tea:

– 2 cups Glycerin soap base

– 1/2 tea spoon green Matcha Tea

– 6-8 drops od Lemon essential oil (got it from  here

– Lemon Skin (one lemon)

– 2 table spoons Coconut Oil (got it from here)

1 table spoon Green Clay (got it from here)

spray condainer with alcohol

soap silicone mold (or even ice cube mold)

1. The procedure is the typical one I have used for all of my soaps. First cut the glycerin base in pieces and put then in a bowl suitable for microwave. Heat them for about 30” or even more, until it is totally liquid. 

2. Spray the silicon mold with the alchohol. In that way we will avoid bubbles in our soaps.

3. Cut the Lemon Skin in small pieces and put them in the mold.

4. Steer the liquid glycerin with the essential oil and the coconut oil. If the coconut oil is not that fluid, heat it for a while in the microwave. 

5. Add the mixture in the mold and again spray with alchohol. Let them dry and remove them from the mold. They are ready!

It is really fan to craft your own natural skin care products and cosmetics, especially with materials that are great for our skin. The specific soaps have been prepared and offered to our school teachers as a farewell gift for the Summer. The same gift package had also Bath salts, a beautiful cosmetic purse and a book of course! Kids have prepared their wishing card and the gift is completed!

Of course, you already know that Green Matcha Tea is perfect to drink it, especially in a drink fresh and cold  perfect for the Summer! and I have the perfect proposal for you… actually my friend Maria from  Mommy Jammi has it and she waits us to serve it! Iced matcha green tea latte, simple yummy!!!!

Have fun!

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  1. I always wanted to try making my own soaps but just never had the time or patience to do it! I’m sure this one smells amazing though. And it is probably way better for your skin than what you can buy at the store. Great pics by the way!

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc Reply

    I haven’t tried making my own soaps, but I have a friend that makes some pretty nice homemade soaps. I will share this post with her. I am sure she’ll be making them soon as she has all the ingredients together.

  3. I love homemade soaps! As someone who scrutinizes the ingredients of every product and food, I love homemade soaps because you know exactly what went into them. These have the added advantage of looking beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  4. These soaps are extraordinarily beautiful, and I’m sure they smell well and are great for the skin. Fully organic, even lemon is from your tree. Fantastic!

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