How to craft Summer Long Necklace with real Moss and Beads and add more color in your Summer style. The perfect way to enjoy also real moss! 

I think you have already understood my passion about colored moss! Especially on Christmas I have used them in many crafts like ornaments for the Christmas tree or as lucky charms and of course to decorate our Advent Calendar! The most amazing about this plant is actually that you can use it everywhere and they will not be damaged. So, for the Summer time the perfect way to use it and enjoy it of course, is as a jewel! How to craft Summer Long Necklace with real Moss and Beads and create an uncommon jewel, just perfect for you!

The time is here… you know… when you realize that you can enjoy sundy beaches! Yea, I know, it is already July, meaning the Summer already started, but here in Greece so far the weather was making jokes with us. Chilly and with rain…not a typical Greek summer. I realized of course that this is also good, because from now on, I will enjoy more the Summer weather with sun and heat, without any complaints! Let’s prepare ourselves then… jewels for the beach (jewels also for our little princess) and decorated flip flops and yummy tastew for launch or as a snack and many more! last but not least, for our little one, we are having fun with Dinosaur t-shirts! All of these ideas and craftes and recipes can be found in our new issue of Crafting and Cooking magazine! Just click here and enjoy!

And what about the Moss Necklace I told you about??? They are really easy to make them and without having any previous experience in jewelry making! Just click here and enjoy the process!!!!! 



Happy Crafting my friends!!!


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