7 reasons to stay in Ninas House in Poros Greece and even more! A small amazing trip back in the past!

One of the thing I love in my country, are the small islands of course. An one of my favorites is Poros! I have already been there twice and this Summer was my third time, along with my family. Where did we stay? In a really beautiful traditional house in the town of Poros, fully renovated! “Nina’s House” is a house that we adored! With gorgeous view, beautiful colors, really comfortable and family friendly. So, 7 reasons to stay in Ninas House in Poros Greece!!!

1. Family friendly accomodation:

The house has two main bedrooms and a living room with a sofa that can be done an additional bed. With plenty closets and storage areas in every room, it was really cool to have our things well-organized. The rooms are close to each other, because of the circular configuration. This was actually something good for my kids, since my princess used the single bedroom and my prince used the sofa that has been converted to bed and they were close to me (yes, we still have some issues with the sleep). What about my bedroom? Well, it was amazing! In white and pink colors and I adored it!

2. Cleanliness:

The main thing that I always check in the hotels or houses we use. Actually i had with my hubby a really bad experience in the past, the room was not clean at all, so now I am double checking it because of the kids and not only!  In Nina’s House, this is not an issue, because when you enter for the first time, you actually can feel and smell the clearness! Is like freshness, like entering your mom’s house! Everything is clean and well organized and the minimal decor and colors, makes the house looks like even more clean. Towels and bed sheets were available and even the mats were shinning!

3. Decoration :

The house is fully renovated, with a minimal decoration that reminds you traditional Greek island’s house. Pastel pink, white and beige were the main colors. What else I loved? That all the decoration accessories were pure handmade made by Ergani. The sun light from the windows were reflected to the white of the walls and the house was really bright! Last but not least, I really loved my pink bedside table and the pink lamp!

4. Living Room – without TV:

Vacation actually means realxing time and this was the use of the specific living room. The room was beautifully decorated and it was just perfect to use it for reading books or for playing table games with the kids. There was no TV in the house and this is something that I really appreciated! We are not a TV fans, but you never know what might happens if you are bored. Of course, this was not an issue here, since we did not have the opportunity to be bored at all! The kids enjoyed the rocking chairs and they were laughing all the time! I think they considered it like a game! Of course the house had available free wifi, but again we did not use even that!

5. Countryside Kitchen: 

I always liked the traditional countryside kitchens that are seperated from the rest of the house. In beautiful  beige and white color, the kitchen was miniaml and modern but with traditional details. It was not a big one, but still it has all the nedeed  amenities. Full of all necessary things such as kitchen utensils, toaster, coffee maker, tea and coffee, oil and vinegar, detergents, kettle and many more. For us it was just perfect and we used it to cook a yummy  omelette with zuchini and traditional greek salad for our lunch!

6. Location: 

The house is located in the Poros city, only 5 min away from the port, meaning no need of a car. Also have in mind that the public transportation is really good and can be used to visit beaches or to discover the island. The little house is really close to the sea  and next to tavernas, super markets and bakery. I have to admit, that we had the chance to taste delicious fresh bread with honey for our breakfast! It is so easy…since the only thing you need to do is get your clothes and walk for a minute to the bakery! What else I loved? The neighborhood! All the houses had amazing flowers like jasmin and te aromas were simply amazing! Also the neighbors were really friendly and always willing to help you with informations!

7. The balcony: 

Last but not least, I have to mention the amazing view form the balcony!  Of course do not expect something big! The balcony is a tiny one, like all the balconies in the traditional houses of this island, but with an amazing view. It was the best thing to open the windows in the morning and face this beauty! Beautiful houses, flowers, the sea and gorgeous ships! Sea and pine trees close to each other! The balcony was just perfect to enjoy our breakfast and our afternoon coffee!

Of course there are more than 7 reasons to stay in this adorable house. What else to say? The hostess is so polite and helpfull and kind! There were books available in the house for adults and for the kids of course. Also we were alone in the house and it was really comfortable to know that we do not make noise for the people leaving upstairs for example.  As a coffee and tea lover, also it was amazing that there were too many flavours available in the kitchen. Last but not least, the house was so beautiful even from outside! I am pretty sure that it is really worthy to visit the island (I will have another post for this beautiful island) and stay in Nina’s House! You will love it, like we did!


Have fun my friends!

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