Back to Scool DIY Painted Pencils with flags and make your pencils really unique!

I always loved the season just before the schools open! You know, all the preparations you have to do and to check what must be replaced from the things you already had last school season. So, you make a list of all the needed things and you cannot wait to go for shopping. To be honest, I really adored to organize my things, my pencil case and my bag and of course to draw my notebook or to add pictures and make it really unique! Since my princess is a student, I have the chance to enjoy this season again! Back to School DIY Painted Pencils with flags and add in your daily life more color!

Materials for Painted Colored Pencils with tiny flags:

  • Wooden Pencils
  • Paint Colors
  • Washi tape
  • Tabon brush
  • Scissor

All the above materials (except the colors) are available in Flying Tiger of course! After all, we love cute lamas!

Let me explain to you how this idea came up! My princess is already in the third grade of the elementary school. One of the things I remember from the past years, is that it was really easy to mess up her things and to exchange them by mistake with the other students. So many times she was using the pencil of her best friend or the eracer of another boy or … you got it! This year I wanted to have things that can be recognized by her without any problem.  

Of course these are common issues, but again it was also a great opportunity for another colored craft! Not only in order to have uncommon pencils but also in order to make her feeling more enthusiastic about being in school again and not feeling sad because Summer vacation are end. So we got all the available colors we had and we start painting the pencils!

Let’s get dirty with colors , but also let’s have fun! The only things you will need firstly are your beloved colors and typical wooden pencils (you know the pencils with stripes!). Put color on your circle brush and start painting your pencil by just touching the brush on it. It is not necessary to cover the whole pencil with the same color. Clean your brush and put another shade. Repeat the same process by painting the pencil in the points that is still striped. Repeat this with all your favorite colors and let it dry. Almost ready!

If you visit tiger stores, you will find many things really adorable! This time we loved the cute Lamas, so we decided to use also the available washi tapes with the cute animals. Just cut a piece of the tape and put it on your pencil. Glue the free ends and cut it in the length you wish to have your flag. Now the pencils are even more cute!

Ok. Now I thing that they are really uncommon and it is difficult for my princess to forget them. We loved this painting procedure so much, that we decided with the kids to color more pencils. And guess what pencils I also have in my desk….

So, what is your back to school crafts for this year?

Happy Crafting my friends!

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