DIY Kids Crafts painting on Glass and decorate the nursery room! An amazing and funny idea for Christmas gifts to granparents also!

Lately we do experiments with the nursery decoration.  We have already created a wall gallery, but the kids want to change it quite often. As you can imagine is not that easy to redecorate the room every time or to change the frames. I had to find a solution about this, that it would be with low-cost and funny and of course to enjoy it. And I found it! Paintings on Glass! So join me for a DIY Kids Crafts painting on Glass!

Materials for Painting on Glass and make them Frame:

– Frame

– Colors for drawing on glass (we found them here)

– Optionally: acrylic colors, colored paper, cotton swab

I have always been fanatic with painting on glass because it was really easy! You just need the drawing on a paper and then you put the glass above and you start drawing. So as a kid, there was a period that i was the best friend of the guy who owned the shop with glasses! Of course this type of activity is already in my plans to do it with the kids. But there is one problem : the colors I was using as liquid and really stable. So since the kids are young enough, we wanted colors that can be removed easily. Additionally, do not forget that we wanted to change the painting often. 

I found the perfect colors for glass! They are pencils like crayones and you can use them really easily. Also, you can remove them really easy by using a wet towel or cotton. 

The only thing you need additional is a simple frame. Then, let the kids paint on the glass of it and do not forget to remove any “mistakes” with wet cotton. That’s it!  When the paintings are ready, just put them in the opposite direction in the frame, meaning the colored surface to be internal in the frame. The reason? To protect the painting for curious little hands of course! On the other hand, is easier for us also to clean the frame from dust. 

If the kids have put color in all the glass surface, then just use a simple white paper inside the frame. If the glass has some gaps from colors, you can put additional color by using colored papers! In one of our frames we have add dots also in the wooden part with acrylic colors and cotton swab. Our frames are already in our wall gallery, but the kids already are thinging what to draw next! In that case, just remove the glass, use a wet towel and clean it and it is ready to be used again! So simple! Do not forget to replace the paper also!

The kids decided that this is a great idea for creating the Christmas gifts for our grandparents and godparents. The only thing that we will add, except of course from the new painting, is more color in the wooden frame. Just use ribbons or tiny Christmas ornaments or small bells or candies! 

So, have you tried to paint on glass???? 

Have fun! Happy Crafting!


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  1. My kids do a lot of crafts and my fridge gets full hanging things up. This is a GREAT idea so I can display their artwork without cluttering my fridge. I am going to have my kids do this for our house and as a gift for their grandparents for Christmas. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc Reply

    That is a total keepsake. I kept most of my kids’ artwork too. I only wish there was some crafting like this when my own children were young.

  3. I love arts and crafts and we always had a lot of thngs to do various things with when my kids were younger. These are great though and great present ideas x

  4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra Reply

    Wow. That is a beautiful craft the little ones can make. I will share this with my next door neighbor. Her only child is very sickly and spends most of her time indoors. I know she will love to make this with her daughter.

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