It is always so difficult to find a place into my house for diy! This is the main reason, why so far I did not have the chance to make a furniture diy. But this time I did my best and I managed to upcycle an old wooden crate I had. Actually, when I desperately want something to do, I always find the way…well ok, almost every time! So this time I had a wooden crate that I really liked but it was really broken. Of course, typical me, I did not want to throught it away so I was keeping it in my storage room. And during Christmas vacation, it was the perfect time to start working on it, because I wanted something for my fireplace. How to upcycle an old wooden crate to a fireplace holder! A really useful craft.

As you may see on the photo. The crate was really cute but really broken. Two strips of wood were missing and this a challenge how to replace them. Anyway…

Materials for the Chalk Painted Fireplace Wooden Holder:

  • Chalk Paint (got it from here)
  • Paint Brush (got them from here)
  • Decorative vernish water proof (got it from here)
  • Glitter (got it from here)
  • Sandpaper
  • neoprene glue
  • stencil
  • rope
  • embroidery thread

The main reason that I decided to experiment with a furniture upcycle diy was because I loved this crate and because I discovered the chalk paints! Ok…this is not such an issue, I had used them in the past, but this time I discovered the perfect store to find everything about how to use chalk paint. A beautiful mint green and gold glitter were my new materials and I really wanted to combine these two. So, first step, clean your wood and apply the chalk paint. You might need to do this twice, depends of how bold you wish your color to be. Let it dry. Second step, use the sandpaper to make vintage details on your box. Just use the sand paper to remove the extra paint and insist on the spots that you wish to look like more old. I did that on the edges.

And let;s start the decoration. Glitter on our box. Put the stencil on your box and stabilize it with washi tape or any adhesive tape. In a small bowl mix the vernish with the glitter and apply it with the brush on your crate. Leave it for five minutes and repeat the procedure. Remove carefully the stencil and let the glitter dry. Last step about painting is the waterproof varnish. Mix it with water and apply it on the crate. Do this at least twice. The good thing about all these materials is that they dry really fast! So no much time to waste.

And now my main problem… the missing wood. Ok, the eaiest way was to replace them, but I wanted something fast and not to go to a shop for woods and I wanted something really cute. I found in my materials rope and the idea just came up! Cut two scraps in the length of the crate and glow them together. Use embroidery thread in your favorite color and stabilize them.

Use neoprene glue and glue them on the crate. This might take at least 20minutes before the glue is dry. repeat the same in the other side.

My fireplace wooden holder is actually ready but I wanted to put also wheels… you never know how heavy the woods might be! So, four small wheels and now I consider it ready!

I have to say that it was really difficult to find a spot in my house to make this diy. However I managed to finish it on my balcony and the result is according to my taste! From a broken old crate to a shabby chic chalk painted fireplace wood holder with glitter! Just perfect for my place!

Apologies for the bad photograph, I really have to retry it!

So? Are you ready for a diy? Have you ever tried to make a furniture upcycle???

Happy Crafting!

Mats mouts



Passion crafter , dreamer, lover of travelling and of good food, fan of colors and of photography! Lucky mother of two, who help me extend my imagination! EfZin…live well, dream and laugh!

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